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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jerusalem of Gold

Here's a song I recorded with my son Kovi, who's off in the Holy Land now:

Jerusalem of Gold

Right click (or control click on a Mac) to download


Ezzie said...

That was really nice.

Had it playing in here to check it out and someone in the room thought it was a really great version, having no idea who it was.

Jacob Da Jew said...

sweet! love the riffs.

Erachet said...

It's awesome.

Shira Salamone said...

Nice arrangement, nicely sung. I like it. Just saved it to my office computer. Will do the same at home.

I assume that was Kovi singing and you playing bass. Was the rest of the band in on this, or who was playing everything else?

PsychoToddler said...

I played all the instruments

Shira Salamone said...


Er, oops. I managed to remember not to bring my CDs along on our vacation (though listening to news and talk radio for hours on the road is a bore), but, apparently, I'm not all that good at that no-music-during-the-year-of-mourning thing.

Hear you late next June.

PsychoToddler said...

But you're my only fan...!

jawttgirl said...

I of course like it. My grandmother on the other hand LOVES it!!! It happens to be her favorite song and the day before she met Kovi I sat her down to listen to it and she has been singing the song nonstop since.

Eli said...

I also gave your Anyiah So'arah song a relisten this week...

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Brian said...

Really, really nice! I've been enjoying this on my iPod a lot. :)

Could you share the instrumental and acapella? Those two things heard separately always add a new twist to a song.


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azaria@israel said...

irushalaim shel zahav... lovely song that reminds me childhood. i had this picture of jerusalim in my head...when i visited it first time i was already 13 and i was kinda dissapointes-jerusalim is all white, not gold))

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