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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brutal Honesty

I'm on my bike, watching my 30 minute allotment of Master and Commander that my wife picked up for under $5 on Black Friday. On the comfy chair is Iguana, and on the floor rocker is The PT, covered in an Afghan.

We're enjoying the picture, commenting on the 19th Century clothing, the peculiar speech, and the Naval procedings going on on screen. The PT is asking good questions and making (for her) appropriate comments.

My bike beeps, and I turn off the movie.

ME: OK, guys, we have to stop for now. We'll finish the movie tomorrow.

The PT: Nope.

ME: What?


ME: Don't you want to finish movie tomorrow?


ME: Why not? I thought you liked it.

The PT: I don't. I was just watching because there was nothing else to do.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Yesh! Another PT post. Me Cheppy.

RaggedyMom said...

What's the significance of the capital "A" in afghan?

Ezzie said...

Uch, English people. :P

That's really good, though! What great politeness. :)

Anonymous said...

But that doesn't mean that YOU can't finish watching it.

Perel said...

oh, look, abba. suddenly people are commenting again!

to be fair, i had this exchange with her on the phone today:

mom: tell perel about your new earrings!
the pt: the ones that came in the snappy box?
me: you got new earrings?
the pt: do you want to hear my snappy box? it snaps!
me: huh?
the pt: hold on one second. SNAP! did you hear that? i snapped the box really loud next to the phone.
me: the...box that the earrings came in?
the pt: uh huh.
me: what do the earrings look like?
the pt: i don't know. i got this box, though.
me: but what about the earrings?
the pt: what about them?
mom: (sigh)

Yoni said...

I don't quite get your suprise. I always wanted a snappy box when I was her age!