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Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Honest Patient

Me:  Hi, Mr. Kaden!  How are you?

Mr. Kaden:  Lousy.

Me:  Lousy?  What's lousy?

Mr. Kaden:  Everything.  My back aches.  My shoulder hurts.  That medicine you gave me makes me go to the bathroom all night.  I'm nauseous.  I can't sleep at night.  Otherwise I'm fine.  How are you, doc?

Me:  Do you really want to know?

Mr. Kaden:  No. 


~ Sarah ~ said...

well, fair enough!

gotta like honesty.

(that being said... i was at my doctor the other day and she said that it was good to see me but i replied that i'd rather not be seeing her due to colds every two weeks!)

Shira Salamone said...

It's a hazard of the health professions--everyone's glad you're there, but no one ever really wants to see you.

Bonvallet said...

When people would ask my dad how he was, he used to say, "Oh I'm mean and ornery." People would say, "No, no Kenny you are as kind as can be." When I say it to people today, they say, "so nothing has changed then."

Been missing your blogs.

Baila said...

I always tell my doctor "Hope not to see you soon".