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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kabbalah Kollection Kompleted!

I just realized that the title to this post makes for a very unfortunate acronym. Anyhoo.

Contrary to what you may think, this blog has not devolved into a series of self-promoting music advertisements. And since it's the exception that proves the rule, on to today's post!

As you know, I've received many complaints/comments/congratulations etc. about the fact that I'm not blogging much, and I'm not going to go into all the reasons for that again because I did that, what, two posts ago? Suffice it to say that, during the course of writing even this crummy post, I was interrupted at least 17 times. But anyway, a good chunk of not blogging is related to my music: doing various shows, rehearsing, weddings, and most relevantly, releasing Kabbalah: Kollection.

Kabbalah was my second band, formed during the '80s, and I wrote a lot of songs for it. We recorded two albums (three really, if you include Rock of Sages), which I am very proud of, because we wrote, arranged, and performed all of the music ourselves. Those albums really did represent the creative output of our band (rather than the vision of a hired arranger).

As I've gone on to form different bands, I've always incorporated the songs I wrote with Kabbalah into our playlist, and yet the albums have been out of print and unavailable for 20 years. So I finally decided to produce an anthology CD and release it. Rather than hit you with a heap of hysterical hyperbole, I'm going to quote the recent write up by my blogfather, Blog in DM:

Kabbalah - Kabbalah Kollection

When I was in high school, the mashgiach banned a Jewish rock album called Kabbalah. Had he not done so, I likely would not have heard it. Since he chose to make the school aware of the album, someone obtained a copy and it was surreptitiously passed around the dorm.

The album featured original rock settings of tefilah. Times have changed, and what was under-appreciated then just might get some more attention now, especially given the success of so many other Jewish rock bands.

Now available in a CD re-release featuring songs from 1986’s Kabbalah and 1987’s Kabbalah: Classic, the disc can be purchased at CD Baby.

Consisting of bassist/vocalist M Skier (now known as Psycho Toddler), guitarist Izzy Botnick, drummer Simcha Kagan, Moish Taubenblat (volume 1) and Brian Gelfand (volume 2) on keys and vocals, with saxophonist Adam Greebler (volume 1) and Jacob Rosenthal on guitar, Kabbalah was unashamedly a Jewish rock band playing Jewish rock music. And, they did it well.

This disc rocks. If you like classic rock, you should definitely check this out. Jewish music as influenced by the Ramones, The Kinks, Squeeze, and so many more.

This collection includes classic tracks like Shru Lo and Yismechu as well as covers of Eurovision hit ‘Abanibi” and Diaspora Yeshiva Band’s “Hakol Yoducha.” There are also two previously unreleased tracks: “Ohr Chadash” and “Shivti”. Recorded in the '80's, this album holds up very well today.

Moshe Skier - Rock of Sages

Also included in the review package with the Kabbalah Kollection, this album is what would have been Kabbalah 3, had funding come through. It features Moshe Skier originals as well as one song by Izzy Botnick and one co-written with Lenny Solomon.

Both CDs can be ordered here or directly from me.

MP3 albums can be downloaded directly from Amazon.com. Amazon must be trying to steal business from iTunes, because it's offering its downloads for the same price or lower, but giving higher quality MP3s (256 kbps vs 128 or 160) and making them DRM (digital rights management) free, so that, unlike iTunes songs, they can play on any MP3 player and you can burn them to disk as often as you like.

From Amazon.com:

Kabbalah Kollection

Rock of Sages

Or just try this widget (thanks to Blog in DM for turning me on to this):


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

congratulations! but i thought you don't like having your name explicitly on the blog.

Holy Hyrax said...

Abanibi? :P

PsychoToddler said...

It's a fun song

Ralphie said...

I like how you are "now known as Psycho Toddler." Which I guess is kinda true.