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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Cold One

The scene: 11:30 PM. A parched, fatigued, achy Psychotoddler stumbles through the back door, carrying two guitars, after a grueling 9 hour wedding gig. Finally making his way into the foyer, he drops the guitars, hangs up his jacket and makes his way into the kitchen.

PT: Ho man, that gig was BRUTAL!

Fudge (on the couch checking emails): Uh-oh. Er...hi Abba...is it shlepping time?

PT: No. No. No...more...shlepping... I'm leaving it all in the van. I have another gig Sunday and I'm not bringing all those speakers and poles and amps and stands in again. My back is KILLING me! (moves to kitchen)

Curly: Oh hey, Abba, how was your gig?

PT: Good, but I'm totally parched. There wasn't much water for the band and I was shvitzing like an old man in a sauna. I need a cold one. (opens fridge). What the--! NO COLD ONES?? Curly, go check the downstairs fridge.

Curly (returning): Sorry Abba, no cold ones downstairs. I see one in the pantry though.

PT: Is it cold?

Curly: No. It's in the pantry.
PT: Then it is scarcely an adequate replacement.

Curly: Lemme look in the fridge again. How about some steak sauce? It's cold.

PT: I don't think I should drink that. Grrrr....I guess I'll have to drink this warm Kiwi/Strawberry Snapple.

Curly: Um, that's Mom's. I don't think she wants you to drink that.

PT: She should have thought of that before she didn't put any cold ones in the refrigerator.

some time later

Curly: How was your Snapple?

PT: As it turns out, the ideal conditions for drinking Snapple include it being cold on its own. Watering it down with ice doesn't do the trick.

Curly: Better luck next time, Abba.


Miriam L said...

Rock on, dude. I thought the groupies rush the stage and bring you drinks while the toss your sweaty shmata to the crowd.

PsychoToddler said...

Memo to self: toss sweaty shmatas

Doctor Bean said...

But you can't send a memo to yourself because you don't have a PDA that synchs with outlook. You gotta send a memo to yourself to get a smartphone and then you'll be able to memo yourself very effectively.

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