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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lag B'Onfire!

We're debuting some new material

I'm Not Dead Yet...

...just very very busy.

Wot wiff?



The Universe


Son 1 graduating HS and getting ready for Israel

Big gig on Lag BeOmer for Kfar in Chicago

Really big gig at Summerfest on June 29

Work is very busy

I'm still trying to exercise most nights (thank G-d for BSG DVDs)

Just uploaded my album to CDBaby for sale, and it's going up on Amazon.com, iTunes, and virtually every other music download service.

I also (finally) printed a limited run of Kabbalah: Kollection CDs, which is an anthology of songs from my old band. I play many of these songs with my current band, and people are constantly coming up to me at gigs trying to buy a copy. Kabbalah's cassettes have been out of print for 20 years, and we never made CDs, so this is kind of exciting. In addition, these songs will be available online for downloading from all the same outlets shortly.

The other thing that's been keeping me busy is that I've written a few more songs, and I am in the process of switching to a computer-based recording setup at home.

I've already purchased a really neat gizmo called a Toneport which is basically a USB interface for guitars and microphones. But it has some amazing software that "models" various amplifiers and effects, so the net effect is that rather than blasting my neighborhood away with a stack of Marshall cabinets to get that crunchy distorted guitar sound on tape, I can just pull up a preset on the computer and get the same sound!

However, trying to use my kids' computer to record music has unmasked yet another problem, which is that PCs are getting buggier by the minute, and I've gotten so fed up with it that I am...



..I can't believe I'm really typing this...


...switching to...um...


...a mac.

Look, it's just set up to do pictures, video, and most importantly music, much more reliably, and frankly, I'm tired of spending money on Windows apps that are buggy out of the box or suddenly stop working 6 months down the line due to some new incompatiblity.

My only issue with Apple is that you pay a lot more for the same features, but I guess if you factor in the upgrading and troubleshooting that Windows seems to demand on an ongoing basis, it's a wash.

I know. I'm not fooling anyone.

I'm getting better!

I feel happy....