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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Day

Well, this is the BIG ONE. The one they'll be talking about for years. "Remember the blizzard of '08?" "Yeah, we got two feet of snow!"

I had to take the day off. I couldn't get to work. Here are some sequential pictures:

11:30 am:

12:30 pm:

6:30 pm:

7:30 pm:

Now you see it:

Now you don't!

I felt pretty bad staying home. It's like I was playing hooky. Well, it didn't matter. The clinic closed anyway and virtually every other business in town shut down too. The kids were home. There were innumerable accidents and at least one fatality by tractor trailer on the highway not far from where I work.

I actually got some stuff done today, aside from shoveling and making hamburgers for dinner. I bought a new bass preamp/direct box/pedal at the suggestion of an excellent Chicago Bass Player and I can't believe how much better I sound/perform with it. I played for 3 hours today, mostly going over Aaron Razel's material for an upcoming show on 2/17.

That is, assuming I'm not buried alive here.


Rafi G said...

big deal. here in Israel we had a hold 3 inches last week!

The_i said...

Hi there! Could you please show us the new bass preamp/direct box/pedal? I´ve been playing bass for 13 years now, but i started playing guitar in 2006. Although i´m still a bassman! :)

sorry for my bad english and greetings from vienna! i enjoy reading your blog!

the weather: 43°F, no snow :)

PsychoToddler said...

Rafi: My cousin said the same thing. You Israelis are all alike.

The_i: Thanks for commen--wait a minute! The I? THE I??? I can't believe it! I'm totally honored to have you here! I..I don't know what to say! Can I get your autograph! This is almost as good as that time we had The_g here!

So, to answer your question, here is a link to the product, the MXR M80. I don't want to give it a full endorsement yet because I haven't tried it at a gig yet, and as we all know, what sounds amazing in the bassment often sounds like crap live. But I'll update you after the 17th. Still, the guy in Chicago loves it. Although we have very differnt playing styles and sounds.

SaraK said...

And now I know why I don't live in Wisconsin.

orieyenta said...

This is exactly why we live in Florida. I can't even imagine that much snow.

Shira Salamone said...

Holy Moses! And we New York City folk just had a 63-degree day yesterday. The weather in the U.S. has been insane for the past few days.

Good luck digging out from under.

fudge said...

you're not going to wonder in a winter wanderland?

Miriam L said...

Come to Texas.

PsychoToddler said...

Yes, I keep asking myself why I stay in Wisconsin, when I could live somewhere else that has hurricanes, or earthquakes, or mudslides, or tornados, or 125 degree summer temperatures, or Russian Mafia fortress infestations...

Yoni said...

would you mind sending a couple of feet this way every other week?

thanks :)