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Monday, February 25, 2008

Screening Calls

Ring, ring....

The PT: (breathing)

Fudge: Hello? Is anyone there?

The PT: Um, hello? Don't you hear me breathing?

Fudge: Oh man...The PT, it's--

The PT: I know who it is! You think I don't know what you sound like?

Fudge: Um--

The PT: Can I put you on speakerphone?

Fudge: What the--

The PT: This phone is KILLING my shoulder. I'm putting you on speakerphone.

Fudge: Well actually, I wanted to talk to Mommy, is she around?

The PT: What? I can't hear you. I'm putting you on speakerphone.

Fudge: No, The PT, don't--

The PT: (click).

Ring, ring.

The PT: Hello?

Fudge: Hi, The PT, can I talk to Mommy?

The PT: Not anymore. She just left the room, and I am doing kriah. Wanna listen? Cha....cha...er....chaer...


Soccer Dad said...

I have a PT whom I could believe would do that. Or something similar.

Doctor Bean said...

The title of the post is wrong. It should be "Power Cord".

Yoni said...

PT's only just now learning kriah?

I'd think a family like yours would have been reading to them from the start and saying with them the sounds of the letters...

mine did and I could read the moment I could speak (or possibly before, we're not sure) ie 3 years old.

PsychoToddler said...

SD: Yes, I believe they are in the same union.

DB: Ooh, go deep into the inside joke realm...

Yoni: why? what's the rush?

PsychoToddler said...

Bean: ah, I just got it. You're trying to make a connection between this post and the last, which dealt with playing wirelessly, essentially going without the "power cable", and this one, where she brings up the speaker phone, again a "wireless" technology.


Yoni said...

its just weird to me is all...

I have NO clue about regular progression in kids.

All my milestones were way ahead of time, at least socialy and intelectualy, so I look at kids her age and wonder why they're not already reading everything they can find.

~ Sarah ~ said...


Bonvallet said...

My boy rushes to the phone when it rings and answers it. If I get to it first he hovers around me repeating himself, "My turn mom, MYYYYYYY turrrrrrrn..." I actually remember going through that phase with my mom when I was a young'un. ;)

Miriam L said...

Um, hello? Don't you hear me breathing?

PT, you had me at Hello.

Jaime said...

She's a real firecracker...what a great kid.

Btw, what's Kriah?

PsychoToddler said...

Kriah is her hebrew reading homework. Hebrew is a pretty cool language, since it's entirely phonetic. It's super easy to pick up. So her hebrew reading skills exceed her english ones by a large margin.

However, doing kriah homework with her is something that could have been outlawed by the geneva convention. There's like 30 lines of words or word exercises on a page, and she pauses to comment about every one. It can take an hour!

Perel said...

how about when she pauses between lines to stretch?