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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pitch

Blogging has been slow. Yes, I know. I'm busy. When I do find the muse, frequently I go through a two-step process. First I think, "wow this would make a great post," and then I counter with "...naaaaa..."

If an idea really does make it past step two, the challenge is to find the time to type it out before it leaves my brain. I suppose that I may have the chops to do some quality writing. But my life is such that whenever I do sit down to type, I get interrupted in about five minutes, and this cycle continues until I finally just give up and say, "well, this turning into a load of crap that makes no sense."

Speaking of which, it's much easier to find a few random bits to jot down in a sentence or two. For example, the title of this post.

I guess I could get into a long introduction about how, when I started this blog, I wanted to talk about my music, or at least give readers something that they didn't get from every other blog, like free original songs or movies or cartoons (still haven't gotten around to that). But I'll spare you that last sentence and just tell you that I was rummaging through my cassettes last night and found a very interesting batch of music that I'll share with you.

It was 20 years ago today, give or take, when Kabbalah had finished its second album and still had an excess of creative energies that needed spending. So we continued to work on new music.

The first two albums were self-published, but two of the band members were married by this time and couldn't afford to invest in another album. So my guitar player, Izzy, and I got together one evening with an acoustic guitar and a tape recorder and made a "pitch tape" of a bunch of songs that we then sent to a few Jewish Music Producers of the time.

We got some nice compliments, but lets just say that Jewish Rock wasn't exactly catching fire at that time. Many of these songs were never recorded. A few made it onto my solo album Rock of Sages, which, if you are steeped in the Psychotoddler Mythos, you know was really Kabbalah III in disguise.

Still, in listening back to these rough versions, I kinda like the whole campfire vibe of the recording.

Take a listen here, and feel free to download them (if you have an iPod or other MP3 player, you get a special photo surprise with each song).


Shira Salamone said...

Nu, what are you waiting for? Dial up Mendel and hand him "Hinay Ma Tov," so we can hear your electric crew go to town with this!

orieyenta said...

Ooo - we love the special photo surprise!