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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Not You; It's Me


Dang pager again!

"Hello? This is Dr. S. Did you page me? Fine I'll wait." I just love it when they page me but don't come to the phone when I call back. Well this is just a huge waste of time that I don't have right now--"Yes? What do you mean nobody paged me? My pager just vibrated! Do you think I'm calling because I have nothing better to do? Wuat? You called yesterday? I know that! I called you back yesterday! But you just paged me again! Yes, I'm sure! Look, here's the time on the...pager...right...here...and it says...yesterday...that's weird...never mind."

That was odd. I'd better get going here. Now I'm getting behind schedule. Let's see...patient in this room over here...

"Hi, sorry to keep you waiting here. I just...got paged...by the...hospital...er, anyway, how are you toda--" buzzzzzzzzzz "--now what! I'm sorry, I think that's my phone. Let me just turn it off before my embarrassing ringtone starts playing...and...hmm...that's interesting...it's not buzzing any more."

Maybe I didn't get the call fast enough. Let me check the call log. Weird. no incoming calls today. That's it. I'm taking off my phone and my pager. I gotta focus on my patients here in the office.

"Anyway, sorry about that. There. We'll just put these on the desk here. So what brings you--" BUZZZZ! "WHAT THE CRAP!!" My belt is still vibrating! Even though I took off the phone and pager!

Is it possible I'm suffering from...PHANTOM PHONE SYNDROME??


Ayelet said...

Sounds pretty spooky to me...

~ Sarah ~ said...

it's the phantom buzz.

what's weirder is when it happens on shabbos and you go to check your phone when you are definitely not carrying it.

Rafiki said...

now THAT is scary
maybe I will get phantom palm pilot syndrome