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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Cat in the Cast

For complete details, see here.

Don't worry, The PT is doing fine. She's taking it all in stride.

What really bothers me is the impact this injury will have on her book writing career. As you may or may not know, since The PT learned to write, she has been spitting out novels faster than Danielle Steele on caffeine.

You can read some samples here or here.

But I'm worried that, now that her writing hand is out of commission, she will stop writing. Hopefully we can get her to continue with her left hand or at least do her best with the right.

In the meantime, enjoy one of her classics, Nuthing Lik A Famule, which has been adapted into a major motion picture production!


Miriam L said...

Yes. Famulees are more important every other day. Why is that?

But the pic of the little one in the cast... AWWWW. Hope she gets better really soon.

A Simple Jew said...

Great video! Bravo!

orieyenta said...

I love this kid more and more every (other) day.

Little Orieyenta had a cast about the same age as PT. We thought it would slow her down...we were WRONG. I am guessing you might find the same with PT. (Love the red and white BTW.)

Were all your kids this fun when they were little?

shoshana (bershad) said...

Priceless! She's got the storytelling gene, for sure.

I'm intrigued by the mirror writing (I could make out "my Dad sleeps late," or was that "sleps"?).

Hope her arm heals quickly.

PsychoToddler said...

The mirror writing is pretty interesting. I think a bunch of my kids did that. Iguana is ambidextrous. I'd like to think it means that I've got a bunch of Davincis here.

But it probably has more to do with them learning to write Hebrew and English at the same time.

Shifra said...

I like how the PT character seems to be wearing some sort of crown in every picture.

I hope she heals quickly!
In the mean time you'll just have to make more videos!

PsychoToddler said...

Interesting, isn't it?

fudge said...

yo, where my bacpac is, shizzle! what a fella gotta do to get some crackers in this joint?

Shira Salamone said...

The Punster and I hope Ms. Cat-in-the-Cast feels better soon.

Tip for left-handed mouse use from an ambidextrous mouse-user: Don't bother changing the settings, just turn the mouse diagonally with the the upper part pointed toward the right--this turn will position the left button directly above the left index finger.

therapydoc said...

Such a rising star. Refuah shlaimah.

Doctor Bean said...

Awwwwwww. Refuah shlema.

What's really funny, for those who click on the picture of the PT, is that over her head is a fridge magnet listing "6 Traits of Good Writing." They actually seem to be arranged on the magnet as if to make room for her head in the picture, like the magnet was photoshopped in. I'm guessing the 6 traits are:
6. Lots of stick figures.
5. Gnitirw rrorim.
4. All words sounded out.
3. Crowns.
2. Magic wands.
1. Many things suspended from above.

PsychoToddler said...

You forgot:

Never put the dots in the middle of the eye because it's too creepy.

Miriam L said...

Those are good rules. Bloggers should keep them in mind.

pobody's nerfect. said...

you should be very, very worried about that child.

M.R. said...

"Are you gonna leave school? Do you wanna have crackers when we get home?"
What does this say about the mind of a 6-year-old child?
(Then again, can we, in good faith, pretend to learn anything about children in general from the PT in specific?

That's deep, man. Waaaay deep.

Erachet said...

A natural novelist!

But why is she so worried about getting F's????????????

Great motto though: F for famule, A for aaaalon! Famulies are more important every uther day!

One day we'll all say we knew her (or read about her) when.

jackie said...

Uncanny. When I was in second grade (a little bit older), I had a book writing phase. My parents still have the best-sellers, entitled "Jackie's Book of Aleeins and Robots" and "Jackie's Book of Trees and Leefs." I had captioned pics of Aleeins serving as rabbis, and trees climbing other trees. And I taped coins on the covers to show that they were award-winning.

I agree with PT that "alien" is tough to spell. :-) What a cute book!