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Monday, December 03, 2007

Upcoming Gigs

Here are a few chances to catch me playing live in the weeks to come:

December 8: Channukah Party at Beth Jehuda in Milwaukee with Milwaukee Simcha Band!

Notice how we took the poll results to heart and chose a name that wasn't even one of the choices! Actually we are still in a state of existential angst and can't decide on a name that we all don't hate. In fact, the word "Band" got tacked on to the end of the name by the person who made the flyer, over the very strong objections of our mandolin player.

Anywhoo, if you're in Milwaukee, drop by after Shabbos. I think it's like $5 a person. I really don't know who is playing or what we will be playing. How's that for publicity?

December 9: Shock Rock with Etan G and featuring the guitar and bass of Mendel and Me, heart of the lion Moshe Skier Band.

At the AYSH Synagogue in Northbrook IL, 4PM. Check out the website for tickets and information.

December 29: Young Israel of West Rogers Park Melaveh Malkah featuring The Midwest's Loudest Jewish Rock Band, The Moshe Skier Band. Probably. 9pm. A great venue for a great pretty good band.


Doctor Bean said...

Rock the #$&@ on, dude!!!!!!

One of those shows is on my birthday. I will be very very old then.

PsychoToddler said...

Take comfort in the fact that, as old as you get, I will still be older.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to change the band name to "The Kosher Moonshine Klezmer Band" for the motzie Shabbes event? (I think that will be a good name for picking up bar mitzvah, chassuna, and nursing home gigs.)

PsychoToddler said...

I think "Bubbe Maaseh" would be good for that demographic.

Or, alternatively, "Bubba Maaseh" for that slightly Hick groove.

wanderer said...

When's the West Coast tour?

Neil Harris said...

I'll keep the YIWRP in mind!