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Monday, December 10, 2007

The 2007 Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert

Neil Kramer (Citizen of the Month) has done it again, uniting all of mankind and creating Peace on Earth and blah blah blah.

Go visit and stop by our booth and say hi!
Happy Channuka to all my Jewish friends!


Rhea said...

I enjoyed your stuff over at Neil's. Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes!

MapleMama said...

The band sounds great, and "Light Up" was a great addition to the concert. I was honored to share the bill with you!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! -Allison

fudge said...

i remember when you used to write posts!

- a disgruntled fan

and where's my shlock rock concert summary?

-an equally disgruntled fan?

PsychoToddler said...

i remember when you used to write posts!

Excuse me, are you not the same person whose current top post is picture of Hershey's Kissables?

therapydoc said...

You were great.

But Even Sh'sya was somehow left out, probably my fault. The good news is they'll be at the Cubbie Bear a NICE bar in Wrigleyville, I think, on Dec 24, for Knishtlenacht (is that right?). Details to come soon.

If you're in the neighborhood...

PsychoToddler said...

That's always a fun gig, but I'm on call this year. Enjoy!

Maybe we'll see you at YIWRP on the 29th.

butterfly said...

Just wanted to let you know that we changed the concert logo — if you want an updated version of the art here in your post — the only reason I mention it is because you have the old version I created, before Sophia let me know that the yellow star was a bad idea because of Holocaust associations, etc. You can also download the new participant buttons with the new blue and white star at my blog.


PsychoToddler said...


I didn't see a problem with it but I changed it.

butterfly said...

With her family history, it was a sensitive issue to her -- and she had another Jewish friend comment on it too...

It was best to eliminate the negative ASAP for whomever, in my opinion. Anyway, I just wanted to give people a head's up in changing it as a proactive, prevent-offense measure because you never know -- better to err on the "make it pleasant for everyone" side.

;-D V