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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Band Naming Poll ---->


Enough already.


I want to thank all of you for all the wonderful and goofy names you volunteered. Some were really hilarious.

However, the boys and I need to pick one that is likely to get us gigs. Maybe even some paying gigs. And although I guess technically we could use different names for different types of jobs(i.e. goofy and irreverent for college shows or cafes, and stiff and formal for weddings), we're trying to keep it to one name for the sake of sanity.

I don't know that there's one name that really fits for what we do, though. We play some klezmer, but we're not really a klezmer band. And sometimes we're just a few guys on acoustic instruments and other times we're a big band with drums and amps.

So we're going to open it up for voting. The voting is absolutely non-binding. This is just for fun.

My personal favorite was West Side Shtreimel, but it was not a big hit with the boys, so we'll scrap that for the more conservative West Side Simcha. It still has that play on West Side Story going for it.

Milwaukee Klezmer Works, although it sounds like a sewage company, has that industrial revolution/garment district vibe that seems to work for klezmer so we'll leave that in. Although as I said, we do a lot of non-klez material as well.

Finally, to pay our respects to Old Goldie (and because we apparently already ran an ad under this name), I'm leaving in Goldie's Klezmer Band. No, we're not a Girl Group.

As much as I like Fakaktemus, I think it would be better used for a quirky side project (which makes no money).

Some of my favorites from your suggestions are The No Goodnicks, The Young Alter Kokers (still may use this for something), Kakamun (again with the feces), Klezmaniacs, Klezatzkah (fun to say!), Klezza Nostra (seriously, enough with the "Klezz"s), and a bunch more.

Shkoiach to all of you! Maybe some of you should form bands!

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m in mke said...

When is the next PT podcast?

PsychoToddler said...

That is the question everyone is asking...

If you subscribe to the podcast, you will get notified automatically.

Jack's Shack said...

Sanity- That is not bad.All sorts of good slogans can come from that one.

J said...


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I was wondering if you had heard of www.dadlabs.com.

It's a really fun and informative video podcast dealing with all sorts
of parenting issues.

You should check it out if you get a chance.

We need all the help we can get right?

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

I voted for Goldie's Klezmer Band. I don't actually like the Klezmer Band part, both because of the Klezmer-in-the-name issue and because it's too utilitarian, but I think the name should be Goldie's something. Or even Old Goldie's Band?

Milwaukee Klezmer Works is cool and industrial, but also sounds a little off, with Works as a verb. Maybe Company would be better than Works? It also has the Klezmer-in-the-name problem.

West Side Simcha is cute and happy, but could Simcha also be limiting, interpreted as only for formal simchot?

therapydoc said...

Is there a band called Gam Zu? Shouldn't there be?

If you're up for it, come to Chicago either on Nov 25 for the Even Sh'siyah concert at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts (it's the girls' school concert but should be nice) OR on XMAS (I'll get'cha the details) as an opener for Peter Himmelman (not Bob Dylan's son, but rumored to be). Anyway, hi, how're ya?

PsychoToddler said...

I'm fine, thanks for asking! Sounds like ES has some fun gigs lined up! I'll see what I can do, although the truth is the best way to get me to show up to a show is to hire me!

OTOH, I'll be playing in your neck of the woods (Chicago) with Shlock Rock on December 9th, so maybe I'll see you there!