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Monday, October 15, 2007

Go Pack

I was on call this past weekend, and had the occasion to visit a nice elderly lady who was in the hospital suffering from, amongst other things, dementia, heart failure, urosepsis and generalized weakness. While she had just the day before complained about all of these maladies, on Sunday I walked in to her room, and when I asked her how she was doing, she barked: "GO PACK!"

For a brief moment I thought this meant that she was feeling so much better that she was ready to be discharged. That was before I noticed that she was sitting, propped up in her bed, wearing a green and gold sweatshirt, with a napkin tucked in at the collar, eating her pancakes with diabetic syrup and staring at the TV.

"De Packers are playin', an' I feel fine," she elaborated.

I never fail to underestimate the Green Bay Packers' therapeutic medical effects. It is a documented fact that Wisconsin Emergency Rooms are significantly less busy when they play, and become correspondingly overcrowded as soon as the game is over. Although I haven't found statistics yet on whether winning or losing makes a difference.

Which leads me to the interesting article which greeted me from the front page of today's paper, showing a crew of Orthodox Jews, led by local Chabad-guy Shais Taub, davening Shachris at a tailgate party at Lambeau Field.

You can read the whole thing here, but this paragraph really resonated with me (emphasis mine):

"What's the point?" Taub said. "Number one, Judaism is not relegated to the synagogue or the study hall. When you're a Jew, you're a Jew everywhere. If a group of Jews want to go to a Packer game, we do it like Jews."

"Number two, Jewish pride," he added. "Some Jews should see this and say, 'You know what, there is nothing to hide.' I can be openly and boldly Jewish and do that anywhere on earth and go where I want to go."

Go Taub!


Jacob Da Jew said...

Those chicken cutlets look good...

great quotes.

Soccer Dad said...

Nope. There's no place not be a Jew!

PsychoToddler said...

JDJ: A little heavy for breakfast though...maybe it was a late Shachris

Soccer Dad: Great link! That's what it's all about, as far as I'm concerned.

I still remember my friends asking shailah's from rabbis about whether they should be wearing yarmulkes at rock concerts--and being told not to go to rock concerts. That always turned me off.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Great post! Speaking of schnitel has anyone seen these new schnitzel bars opening up in Brooklyn? That's hilarious!

Susan said...

I've learned to time my Sunday food shopping trips to the game time of our local football team, too. I love those empty aisles!

Ezzie said...

Onh yanh, sure, you betcha. That's really awesome.

(Side note: I loved listening to the radio and hearing debates on such important things as "Is Brett Favre a God?" People took these really seriously...)

Nice Jewish Guy said...

Might be hard to fit a cheesehead over the Lubie pinch-hat, though.

Vince would've approved.

Doctor Bean said...

NJG: Can you wear a cheesehead if you're eating chicken?

Psychotoddler: GO JEWS!

trom said...

PT - I do not know who these Hirhurim people are, I do not know who Gil Student is, I do not know how Ben Atlas creates a website that is supposed to be for all of Judiasm, and I do not know how Shais knows Atlas. I do know that reading the comments from the link below that we Jews - right or wrong - just can't get along.


And since when did vosizneias have anything to do with Gil? And who is Gil?

PsychoToddler said...

JB: Shnitzel Bars? I'm getting indigestion just thinking about that!

Susan: Packer games were the one time I could count on getting a parking space at Best Buy.

Ezzie: Isn't there a drinking game like that? "Brett Favre comes up to you wearing a dress..."

NJG: Cheesehead hats usually make an appearance around Purim.

Doc Bean: Is a gut shaila

Trom: "I do not know who these Hirhurim people are, I do not know who Gil Student is" ...and I don't know who YOU are. Now we're even.

Seriously, you know from reading the comments on that troll-infested blog that Jews can't get along??

To quote my daughter, he-LLLOOO! Where have you been for the last 3500 years of Jewish History??

OK, your comment deserves better than a snide remark. Taub's comment over at Rishimu is classier than that.

Rabbi Gil Student runs/ran? a blog called Hirhurrim which for several years was the premiere halachic blog of the JBlogosphere and is considered by most of the Modern Orthodox or non-chassidish bloggers to be THE rabbi of the blogosphere. Recently he joined up with Rishimu which I gather from your comment is a Ben Atlas (formerly Tzemach Atlas of Mentalblog) production.

I don't know the Taub connection but I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find local people on the blogosphere.

With regards to vozneis, virtually all of the commenters are anonymous which gives you some insight into the caliber of the trolls over there.

Shira Salamone said...

Mark/PT, Gil Student's deal with Rishimu fell through--he's still blogging at Hirhurim.

Shais Taub said...

Thanks for the honorable mention, PT.

I've been getting e-mails and phone calls from all over Milwaukee and all over the world. I had no idea how much Jewish pride this would elicit. I had hoped, but had no idea. I personally know of several people who went to put on tefillin yesterday because they were moved by the article.

Regarding the negative reaction from ONE particular website. Eino tofes makom klal u'klal (it is beyond insignificant.) Just for the sake of illustration, I know of someone who accused us of davening after sof zman tefilla (heaven forbid!) The truth is that we davened at 9:30am. When this person was told the facts he then responded with even greater indignation, "They ate barbecue for BREAKFAST?!!!"

PsychoToddler said...

Shira: Thanks. I can't keep up with the comings and goings of these celebrity bloggers!

Shais: You deserve the kudos! Next time tell my wife, she's a big Packers fan.

Shira Salamone said...

"Next time tell my wife, she's a big Packers fan." Swift! The next time there's a Packer's tailgate party, Chabad can invite the female fans, too, and use the Chabad "mitzvah tank" van as a mechitza during minyan.

lil' violinist said...

Hey - I found your blog by browsing (I just created mine and have been poking around).

Great article!

Ahuva said...

Thank you for posting this. It really made my day. :)