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Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't Call Me

There are two reasons why you shouldn't call me:

1. I hate talking on the phone. Ask my mother.

2. Owing to the fact that she is now six and her chair is right below the kitchen wall phone, The PT has been answering all our phone calls.

Here's a sample of a few dinner time calls:


The PT: (Jumps up on her chair and grabs the phone before anyone else can get to it)

The PT:

The PT:

The PT:

Abba: Say "hello"!

The PT: Erg....hewwo?

The PT:

The PT:

Abba: Who is it??

The PT: I don't know!

Mrs B: Hang up.

Abba: Wait--

Mrs B: Nobody's there.

The PT: (hangs up, sits down)


The PT:

The PT:

Abba: Say HELLO!!

The PT: Er....hewwo?

The PT:

Abba: Who is it?

The PT: Sounds wike a computer!

Mrs B: Hang up.

Abba: Maybe you should get on the phone.

Mrs B: Hang up, it's a computer.

The PT: (hangs up, sits down)


The PT: Hewwo?

The PT: We're having hamburgers and fwench fwies and koowaide.

Abba (to Mrs B): It's your mother.

Mrs. B: Hang up.


orieyenta said...

Boy do I love that kid. If only I could put her and Little Orieyenta in the same room together. That conversation would be PRICELESS.

Jacob Da Jew said...

"Mrs.B: Hang up. "


We also avoid phone calls from da family sometimes..esp. during dinner which inevidably when they call.

fudge said...

or how about how it sounds from the other side?

ring ring ring

me: guys? anybody home? hello?

the pt: um

me: oh great. the pt, listen, is mommy around?

the pt: yeah but she's too busy to help me with my homework.

me: uh...be that as it may--

the pt: who are you anyway?

me: who do you think i am?

the pt: i don't know.

me: take a good guess. i'll give you a hint. your mommy is my mommy.

the pt: uh, he-LLO? i already told you i don't KNOW!

me: i only left like two days ago!

the pt (abruptly): is it morning where you live?

me: er...no.

the pt: well what time is it?

me: night.

the pt: what? it's night here too! that's why i'm supposed to be doing my homework!

me: i see. listen --

the pt (clearly no longer talking to me): could somebody tell me what the hands on the clock say?

me: listen, the pt, i really need to --

the pt: SOMEBODY?

iguana: 6:47! geez!

the pt: what the -?! who's on the middle line?

me: the middle line?

iguana: it's just me, the pt.

the pt: what? you're in new york too?

iguana: well actually, i'm in the basement.

the pt (suspiciously): is it morni-


the pt: weeeelllllllll she kinda just went to aerobics. and me and iguana are gonna play war of the monsters now. ok! bye!

me: but--


PsychoToddler said...

I told you not to call.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Pt, da fudge trumped you. That comment was even funnier.

PsychoToddler said...

She usually does.

Doctor Bean said...

That's awesome. I'm calling. What's a good time for the PT?

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

i'm with doctor bean!
(it's morning here)

Miriam L said...

It's night here... and in the basement.

PsychoToddler said...

Doc Bean: Why don't you call during dinner like everyone else does.

Steg: so how are things in Sunny LA?

Miriam L: What is this, Clue? Miriam...in the basement...at night...with the candle stick...

Ezzie said...

LMAO at the post and Fudge's comment.

Word to the wise... careful what you say in the background. Those newer phones pick up EVERYTHING.

Bracha said...

I think you should always let her answer the phone. ;)

Scraps said...

ROFL. Little kids are priceless...and annoying. :-P

RaggedyMom said...

That actually sounds so sweet. Phone + kid = endless blathering. My kids have gotten into a pattern where they want to call my mother every night after stories and before brushing their teeth (great delaying tactic, Raggedykids). It has deteriorated into Ann slooowwlly asking my mother things like "So what did you do at 10 o'clock? And then at 11 o'clock?" and "What was your favorite part of last Pesach?" Fun.

rachel said...

My PT (who somehow is still one despite the fact that she's eight) has a new phone habit. Whenever I get on the phone, she disappears suddenly from the room we're in, runs to one of the extensions and listens into my phone call, with a lot of loud clunking and breathing.

PsychoToddler said...