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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Radio Blog/Shmadio Blog

Wow. Based on the amazingly underwhelming response to my latest poll, it appears that most of you don't listen to my Radio Blog. Only 22% of respondents reported that they do, but let's be honest, one of them was me so we need to drop that figure by a quarter.

I probably shouldn't feel that bad, since fully 50% answered "what's a radio blog" so it's clear that my traditional obscurity in the Jewish Music world remains intact. For the record, the Radio Blog is located on the side bar of this blog, if you scroll waaaaaaay down, past the pictures, the web ads, the archives, the recent comments, the awards, the blogroll and the site meter, and looks a little something like this:

You can click on a song and listen to it streaming through the computer, and if you click the "pop up" button it will open in a small window so you can navigate away from Psycho Toddler, although I don't know why anyone would ever want to do that.

From the tepid response, it is clear that I don't need to bother updating it or adding new songs.

Please go on with your business and continue to ignore my musical talents!


Due to the successful kiss-up campaign, I uploaded 5 new songs to the Radio.Blog! See the comments for details!


Ezzie said...

Hmm, didn't really see the poll until now, and didn't know that it was called a radio blog.

Every once in a while when I'm in the mood for a song I'll turn that on, though the truth is I'm lazy like I'm guessing most bloggers are - if it's that far down it's unlikely people will use it much. Put it near the top where you can't miss it, and people are more likely to use it more often.

Ralphie said...

I'm with Ezzie. Didn't see the poll, sometimes listen to songs via your radio blog. A nice background for breakfast (my computer's in the kitchen).

Hila said...

Hey, that's no fair! I listen to the songs on here all the time-- love Adon Olam, in particular-- but I didn't see the poll, nor did I realize that it was called a Radio Blog. So, yeah, no fair! I'm blonde--gimme a break! :-P

fudge said...

oh, try not to sound so offended. i was manning an audition at the radio station last night and was forced to admit to one curious dj-wannabe that a typical show has, on average, five listeners, one of whom stands a decent statistical chance of being my dad.

and you really are famous, by the way - a girl on this floor has you in her itunes library.

Doctor Bean said...

I was one of the "no" voters, but I listenned to it incessantly a couple of years ago. Now I'll listen some more. There's no need to drown yourself in the toilet.

Doctor Bean said...

(Psst.. talkin' 'bout you at Jessica's.)

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the poll, didn't know what a radio blog was, didn't see it at way down there, but...

Yes, I do listen to it.

I found it on your other web page and listen to it from time to time.

Please do update it! Your music is terrific!

PsychoToddler said...

Ezzie: Put it at the top! Put it at the top! That's what everyone says about everything! Put the webads at the top! Put the poll at the top! Put the RSS feedburner thingie at the top! Put the Jib Awards link at the top!

It can't ALL be on top!

Ralphie: I refused to be listened to over Cap'n Crunch! Cease and desist!

Hila: You're excused because blonds are cute.

fudge: Really? I wonder what album she has? Or is it just stuff pirated from the web! Five listeners for your show? So besides me, Iguana, Mommy and Shira Salamone, who else listens?

Doc Bean: Whabat?

anonymous: Crap. Now I need to write more music.

RaggedyMom said...

We put it on for this afternoon's playtime and supper. My kids are perhaps your biggest fans.

Did you know that your songs are extremely conducive to handmotions?

fudge said...

don't worry abba! i have a great idea for a picture! it's gonna sell millions - http://homestarrunner.com/limozloshy.html

orieyenta said...

Wait a minute. I was one who said YES in the poll and I think it's about time for some new songs on there. :)

PsychoToddler said...


For you faithful fans, I have uploaded 5 songs just now!

1. Kabbalah- Achas (Botnick) - this song was written by Kabbalah's guitarist Izzy Botnick and was recorded for Kabbalah 3, which was never released. Kabbalah 3 was retitled as Moshe Skier: Rock of Sages and released in 1995, but this is one of the songs that was cut from the release. By request of Shira Salamone, since we say these words during Elul and Tishrei in the prayer Ledovid.

2. Kabbalah - Im Eshkachaych: also recorded for Kabbalah 3 and never released. I wrote this as a slow wedding dinner ballad, but played it once with a fast beat and liked it better. I later reused some of the chords for Shoshanas Yaakov

3. Moshe Skier- Lo Alecha: regular readers will recall this from an earlier post (go look if you missed it)

4. Moshe Skier - Hisorreri: One of the songs from "the lost years" between the dissolution of Kabbalah and the formation of the Moshe Skier Band. I recorded this myself in my Dungeon, playing all the instruments myself. It's really a demo. I didn't have enough tracks to do backing vocals, but in the end you can sorta hear some alternate vocal lines. The bass is plucked. Like a chicken isn't.

5. Moshe Skier - Ma Rabu: Also from the lost years, recorded 1992. This was a "concept song" in that the idea was to take an entire psalm and arrange it as a musical trilogy. Again, I did all the instruments except the guitar solo, which was added later by Ruby Harris (yes, he's a very good guitarist too).


yellojkt said...

Isn't a radio blog called a podcast?

fudge said...

"yes he's a very good guitarist too..."

if i may quote directly something you once used to descibe someone else you've played with:

'and G-d saw that He had bestowed upon him talent etc., and He said,"that's way too much..."

PsychoToddler said...

Is this post called "Podcast/Shmodcast"? No, it is not.

I think a podcast is different because you can download the material and you need a player to listen to it, even on your computer (although there are sites now that stream).

The radio blog functions like a podcast on the computer but you don't need to download or install anything (except flash which you probably already have).

Ezzie said...

See, that's why I got 3 columns :P

And this is why someone should make you a header - you can put the PT's pic there so it doesn't waste side space. I use Sage, so FeedBurner can go down... (hey, it's all about me!) and shouldn't the songs go above the band? That way people can listen, and if they like, they can go buy the stuff!

I didn't like WebAds on the side, so I put them on the top out of the way ish.

PsychoToddler said...

And this is why someone should make you a header

I am willing to review submissions.

Maybe we should make a contest or something.

Shira Salamone said...

Thanks for taking my suggestion and adding to it. This is good stuff, even through headphones at 4:30 AM. (See my "Sleepless" post.)

I think you mentioned that Brian Gelfand is still out there somewhere (New Jersey?), pounding a keyboard, etc. Any idea what happened to your other Kabbalah bandmates?

PsychoToddler said...

Brian plays in the NY area all the time. I don't have a website for him, but I found this.

Simcha the drummer lives in Israel and plays occasionally with Lenny Solomon there. I visited him when I was there recently. He hasn't changed! We immediately began acting like teenagers. The kids were weirded out.

Izzy lives in Jersey and to my knowledge doesn't play anymore. A real shame; he has so much talent.