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Monday, August 27, 2007

Where NOT to Buy your Succah

I was actually planning to buy a new sukkah this year. Then I got my kids' tuition bills.

Anyway, if I were going to buy a new sukkah, I wouldn't but it from this guy:

The owner of the websites described below, www.succah.com and www.succah.safewebshop.com, is in violation of Jewish law, in that he has not given his wife a get, a Jewish divorce decree. He has failed to comply with an order issued by the Baltimore Bet Din (Jewish court). Until he gives his wife a get, she is not permitted to remarry under Jewish law.

Sam Rosenbloom has a seruv issued against him by the Baltimore Bet Din. A copy of the seruv can be viewed at www.getora.com/seiruvim.htm .

Mr. Rosenbloom owns and operates an on-line sukkah business at http://www.succah.com . We strongly recommend that no Jewish person buy from his website, that no synangogue grant him an aliyah or other religious honor or benefit, and that no Jewish family invite Mr. Rosenbloom into their home or otherwise provide him with Yom Tov or Shabbat hospitality.

Thanks to Queenie's Mom for pointing this out.


Soccer Dad said...

A case where the ACLU was on the side of angels. The Montgomery County Council passed the bill limiting the protests.

Soccer Dad said...

FWIW, I recommend The Sukkah Project.

PsychoToddler said...

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

PsychoToddler said...

The Sukkah Project looks like a lot of work. Precisely what I am trying to avoid.

Soccer Dad said...

I really wanted a wood sukkah. If I had to work from scratch it looked like the easiest approach for constructing the Sukkah. It was more work than I would have liked, but I was able to have a nice large Sukkah for everyone who would be with us for the Bar Mitzvah for Shabbos Chol Hamoed. And it rained all day Shabbos Chol Hamoed. Still it's nice to have a big spacious Sukkah. (For the size, it was likely the cheapest option even having to buy all the lumber myself.)

Halfnutcase said...

psychotoddler, you'know building a sukkah with your kids can be really fun. Don't do it for this year, but for the future years and spend the winter doing it.I could write up plans for building a sukkah out of wood if you'd like. (i'm rather good at that sort of thing).

Halfnutcase said...

(and by that I mean a sectional sukkah that will come down and go up rather easily (most of the family could help!) that will probably be tight enough to keep out the buggies.)

queeniesmom said...

Thank you for posting this. The pain of Agunah is one that I wish no family has to go thru. It continues to tear a close friends family apart as her sister has been an Agunah for 2 years.

We still use the canvas and steel pole deal. Thankfully, we don't get snow like you as the door no longer closes. Like you we think about buying one of the interlocking ones but then reality, in the form of tuition hits. Megamillions anyone?

orieyenta said...

I saw this last year and cannot believe that a year later this guy still has not complied.

I was out of town for Sukkot last year so we didn't have a sukkah at home. And the year before we had a hurricane. But our plan for a wood one is on so far for this year. (Although we will never have a decoration as cool as your rubber chicken.)

PsychoToddler said...

you'know building a sukkah with your kids can be really fun

You talking about my kids??

chabakuk elisha said...

RE: Sukka Project...

I used: http://www.sukkot.com/ -- it was considerably less expensive than the alternatives and took 2 people a pretty short time to assemble.
It takes a little longer the first year (because you need to screw in all the attachments) but subsequently (year 2 and on), it takes me and my (15 year old) son about an hour to put up and take down. (It's also easy to store)

Shifra said...

I LOVE the sukkah project, I built it MYSELF with a little bit of help from my husband when I needed a hand to hold up the frame to get it together.

Cheap, easy, and rock solid.
Plus I impressed all the men on the block while working outside with my power drill.

I felt like Noach:

"What are you building?"
"A... sukkah"
"What's that"
"Kind of a hut, to eat in for 7 days..."
"Umm it's a long story"

PsychoToddler said...

"Kind of a hut, to eat in for 7 days..."


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering... for those that used the sukkah project sukkah, was it their wood frame one or their tubular one.

i'm heavily considering a tubular one, but the price really seems too good to be true, and i worry it's going to be a piece of junk.

this post is only anonymous b/c i don't have a blogger account.... thanks!