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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matchbox Memoriam

To mark the recent passing of Jack Odell, founder of Matchbox cars, I decided to break out a few of my more precious models and photograph them. Matchbox cars meant a lot to me as a kid. There are still times when I'll see a real classic car and think, "that doesn't look right; the Matchbox version seemed bigger." (Usually because in the world of Matchbox, a Mini was the same size as bus).

I inherited many of these from my cousin Victor, who was a meticulous collector.

Thanks for a wonderful childhood, Jack. Rest in peace.

No. 42 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire 1965

No. 53 Ford Zodiac Mk IV 1968

No. 5 Routemaster Bus 1965

No. 41 Ford GT 1965

No. 27 Mercedes 230 SL 1964

No. 33 Lamborghini Miura 1970

No. 75 Alfa Carabo 1970


You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Very nice, indeed. I still have all of my matchbox cars from back in the day. They sit next to the boxes and boxes of space-themed legos from the same era.

There are people who are packrats; I am their god.

Miriam L said...

I loved those little cars. I didn't save mine though.

Soccer Dad said...

I had the Studebaker (I think it was my first) but I loved the Ford GT (even though the doors didn't open, IIRC.) I think my brother had the double decker.

RaggedyMom said...

Seems like you've really enjoyed your collection.

As the youngest child and the only girl, the Matchbox cars my brothers had were totally off limits to me.

Holding the football in place and waiting for them to tackle me, on the other hand . . apparently I was perfectly suited for that!

RaggedyDad has some beloved little toys that he brought with him from Russia and he lets Ann handle them now and then, supervised. One of his favorites is a little milk truck. Maybe I'll post a few pictures.

~ Sarah ~ said...

nice collection. would look good in any garage.

great toys, my great grandparents gave me a whole lot when i was very little. they were good fun.

Anonymous said...

My wife once phoned me that she had bought a Lamborghini. As she recalls, I was shocked/displeased until she told me it was the Matchbox kind.

PsychoToddler said...

I can't see myself being upset about any answer involving a Lamborghini.

Cassie Brendan said...

Do you have an enormous collection of these? These models (the real cars) are almost nowhere to be found anymore, so you've been doing good by cherishing these matchbox cars you have. I think I've seen the car from the first pic at a car shop last year.