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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jewish Rock!

...and Blues!

More available here. And also there's a ton of videos at the Youtube archive (plus some other stuff). Feel free to embed if something strikes your fancy.


Ezzie said...

Those were both REALLY good. (Shoot, was I supposed to wait until chatzos? Eh, whatever.)

anonymous mom said...

You tube: Adi Ran, live version of "Ata Kadosh" from the movie Ushpizin. One of my all time favorite songs.
Moshav band, of course. Also on You Tube. Take your pick of songs.

anonymous mom said...

Pey Dalid with Y-Love or Pey Dalid alone, but the You Tube clips don't even do them justice. Shabbat Shalom off the Pey Dalid CD is just plain good.
If you can make it to around 6 minutes into the Adi Ran live clip from Bet Shemesh, it is really worth it. It's hard if you don't know the words which are so divine and inspiring, but the end of this clip stands alone. I just love our people.

PsychoToddler said...

Pey Dalid got a bad rap on the blogosphere when they first came out, but I was impressed by their CD. They have a great bass player.

In general this is a very good time for independent Jewish Music. The internet, blogosphere, and now Youtube have made it much easier for bands to reach the "masses" (such as they are for this genre) and bypass the old guard. We're finally in a position where creativity can be recognized and rewarded.

When I was starting out, just putting the words "Jewish" and "Rock" together in the same sentence was enough to get you placed in Cherem.

anonymous mom said...

And what I was able to find was all derivative and weird al esque. Now you can find the real thing. Rock on!