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Friday, June 29, 2007



Not a big fan of memes, as you may or may not know. They're too bossy. It's like someone is arbitrarily deciding when and what I should write about.

MOC's hit me up for a pair. Since he's like one of my Blogfathers I'll try to respond:

Five Songs Currently Stuck in My Head

1. Lo Alecha (Me)
2. Concrete Bed (Nada Surf)
3. Night and Day (Frank Sinatra)
4. Adon Olam (Kabbalah)
5. Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)

Extreme Sports Meme

Don't laugh! Let's just try it!

1. What is your sport?

I have no sport. I hate sports.

2.Why do you like this one?

I don't. I just told you that.

3. How long are you doing this for?

I've hated sports since at least second or third grade.

4. Most painful experience.

Consistently being the last person chosen for a softball team, and then having the popular kids team captains argue about who was going to "have to" take me.

5. Most memorable experience.

One time, in camp, I was at bat, and I hit every pitch the counselor threw to me. But they were all foul balls.

6. Add tall tale or new question to Meme.

I like video games. Can video games be sports? Hmm....let's try that:

1. What is your video game sport?

I like playing racing games on the Internet.

2. Why do you like this one?

I've always loved cars, even since I was a little PT in a stroller. My mom says that when she'd wheel me around the neighborhood, I could consistently name the makes of various cars we passed.

When I was a little older, I collected Matchbox cars. My favorite show as a tot was Speed Racer. It was only natural that I would gravitate towards games featuring exotic or cool cars.

As video game graphics got better, the cars started to look more real. This also coincided with my realization that I will never own a real stable of sports cars. Video racers became my outlet for my car passion.

3. How long are you doing this for?

I want to point out that the grammar in this question is really awful. What is this supposed to mean? How long is a race? How long have I been into racing? How long will I continue to play racing games? How long until I come upstairs for dinner? What?

4. Most painful experience.

I got tendinitis once, but in retrospect I think it was from playing too much bass guitar.

5. Most memorable experience.

A few years ago, I got into a regular group of players on XBOX Live, and we'd meet a few nights a week to play Project Gotham 2. We used headsets to speak, and got to know one another pretty well over time. We'd chat about our families or jobs while we raced. I remember The PT was sick during that time and they'd always ask about her.

Anyway, I do remember one particular race that took place on a track set in Stockholm, Sweden. It turned out that one of the guys we were playing with was IN Stockholm, and he was giving us a virtual tour as we sped around the track. Then some French guys showed up and refused to speak English. Definitely registers as one of my coolest online moments. The other was several years earlier, playing a WWII airplane game and having a dogfight over France with a guy who was actually in Germany. He was swearing at me in German.

6. Add tall tale or new question to Meme.

Define 'sport'. Does sport need to be a physical activity? Can any game be a sport? Does a sport need to be a game? Can Poker be a sport? Can hot-dog eating be a sport? Is aerobics a sport? Does a sport need to be competitive?


A Simple Jew said...

I agree with you 100% about sports!

RaggedyMom said...

"3. How long are you doing this for?"

The writer of these questions was likely NOT a native speaker of English. RaggedyDad, are you conducting a sports survey?

It reminds me of when I sent my mother-in-law an e-card for her birthday (it's okay, they're cool like that) and she wrote back "I'm very much pleased at your remembering."

Is skee-ball a sport? If so, I'm totally captain of the varsity team.

eees said...

One of our son's is also totally non-sports-friendly (and seems to be having many similar experiences to your childhood er..nightmares?). His classmates are cruel and tease him about it, his self esteem is low. Any suggestions on how to avoid enormous therapy bills in the future?

Tim said...

The following blogger in his list of the top 8 lies as the 2nd biggest lie is that Hitler was evil. Mind you he isn't a White NeoNazi but some guy from India.


Doctor Bean said...

Chess, anyone?

eees: Self esteem is over-rated. If your son is really smart and bad at sports, then he will be really successful and will be able to afford the therapy bills. If he's bad at school and at sports, then you have bigger problems than worrying about sports.

Tim: A consequence of freedom and of an unregulated medium like the internet is that almost anything, no matter how patently false or dangerous, will be said. Must we respond to each instance? Can't we just ignore the rantings of a powerless loser half a world away? Moreover, it's not your blog and this is totally unrelated to the thread. At least start with "Sorry for being so off topic but theres this totally powerless guy in India..."

Jacob Da Jew said...

As the creator of the Meme, allow me to state my intentions.

The title:

"Extreme Sports Meme".

My goal when putting the meme together was to find other J-bloggers who into sports passionately i.e. extremely.

This means running,biking, swimming or similar activity.

One of the bloggers that I tagged, Shlemazl, decided to call chess playing his extreme sport. Fine. Memes are not set in stone. Do whatever you feel like.

RM:"The writer of these questions was likely NOT a native speaker of English."

Born in the USA, hon. I lived in Israel for several years though.

How would you have worded the sentence?

My intentions were to ask the writer how long he/she has been invloved in the sport.

Doctor Bean said...

"How would you have worded the sentence?"

Something like:

"Please to be answering duration of subsequent sport ejoyment precisely?"

Doctor Bean said...

"Some people really have a way with words. Other people not have way."
- Steve Martin

MoChassid said...


If bourbon drinking can be an extereme sport, why not video games.

RaggedyMom said...

Jacob - Simply - "How long have you been doing this for?"

RaggedyMom said...

See also: "For how long have you been doing this?"

Is it just me or does it sound awkward to be referred to as "hon'", unless maybe the speaker is from Baltimore.

fudge said...

you actually listened to the stuff i gave you? i'm shepping.

PsychoToddler said...

ASJ: Nerds of the World, UNITE!

RM: You know my mother is not a native English speaker and yet her written grammar is impecable. Impecible. However you spell that. It's not peckable.

eeeees: I cannot overstate how much the abuse I suffered at the hands of the jocks has hurt my self-esteem. Thank G-d I took up music or else I'd be a total loser.

Oh, sorry Doctor Bean.

DB: For How Long you enjoy premium sportage activities?

MOC: How 'bout Channel Surfing?

RM: I think the 'for' at the end of the sentence would be unnecessary. Where are the Grammar Nazis when you need them?

RM: I think he meant "Hun", as in Attila. I believe he assumed you were a central Asian equestrian nomad or semi-nomad.

fudge: Yes, the iPod seems to be making me hipper, if that's at all possible.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Gee, thanks for ignoring my comment.

PsychoToddler said...

Huh? What? Did someone say something?

Sweettooth120 said...

Yes, sports isn't my thing either. In fact,even my family made fun of me when I played softball when I 14. Something about the way I would stand and hold the bat and bend my knees - mind you though, none of them bothered to correct me, so I wouldn't continue to be giggled at. I remember being so embarrassed when I actually caught a flyball, because everyone made such a big deal about it.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try playing on our company's softball league. After practicing hitting the ball and realizing how much it hurt when the ball made contact, and then standing out in the field, totally petrified that the ball may actually come towards me, I decided it really wasn't my thing.

Next summer, I'm going to tryout for one of the local kickball teams. At least as a kid, I was somewhat good at that, even if I was always picked last.

Jacob Da Jew said...

*Great, we have a meeting of N.A. here (Nerds Anonymous)*

PsychoToddler said...

Hello, my name is Psycho Toddler, and I am a nerd.

It has been approximately 3.452 seconds since I last did something nerdy. Er...1.34 seconds. Uh...0.432 seconds.

GoldaLeah said...

More cowbell!!

Chana said...

SkeeBall rocks! Got a quarter?