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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guest posting by Neil Harris

I recently drove back from New York to Chicago (as it turned out I drove to NY first). It ended up being a very long 17 hour drive from the 5 Towns...much longer than the Maquest estimated time of 13 1/2 hours.

It was a really really long drive. My wife and our two oldest kids did fall asleep eventually and it was just me with our 8 month old daughter keeping me company.

When everyone is asleep I usually listen to Piamenta or Rav Moshe Weinberger, but when I get tired I usually pull out the classics.

Before I left NY I had borrowed my sister-in-laws' copy of the "Sand in the Vaseline" CDs (Talking Heads greatest hits). I have the original cassettes somewhere in a box in my basement and haven't listened to them for at least 10 years. Sometimes when you're driving into the night you need something to listen to something to keep you awake.

All of the sudden during "Psycho Killer" I hear a voice from the infant car seat behind me saying, "Fa Fa Fa". It was great considering that until now our baby has only really said:
Da Da Da Do Do Do
Ma Ma Ma

So I'm left wondering, is musical taste genetic? I guess my daughter is lucky that I was only listening to the Talking Heads.


Neil Harris said...

Wow! My own Tag...sweet! Thanks!

Ralphie said...

She should love this blog's theme song.

Ezzie said...

Hey, I thought of exactly the same thing as Ralphie!

Ralphie said...

Great minds think alike. And ours, too.