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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Workout DVD #3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

OK, now that's more like it. This one is much more a spiritual successor to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" than "Temple of Doom" was. I never thought I'd be happy to see Nazis again. I don't claim to be an expert in East Indian Cults, but that last movie seemed to have virtually no basis in reality and was completely unbelievable. Voodoo Dolls? Aren't they related to New Orleans Voodoo? Anyway.

Aside from a better plot, more interesting locales, more archeology based on well-known myths, and much fewer gross-out moments (and Nazis who meet their just end), this movie has one other major thing going for it:

Sean Connery.

The interaction between Connery and Harrison Ford is so delicious in this movie that it makes me sad that the two didn't team up for more buddy flicks down the road. Now, according to my calculations, in 1989 Connery was 59, but he seems much older than he does in later movies (or even now), and it has to do with this being one of his last films without a toupee.

Yep, it's all Sean, in the flesh. No artificial head-pieces. And you have to commend him really for that. I've read interviews with him where he makes it plain that he would have been happy doing all of his movies with a naked head. But for many of his early films (all the Bond ones) and much of his more recent work he's worn hair pieces. Some more successful than others. I think he looked magnificent in "The Hunt for Red October," but more Howard Cosell in "Never Say Never Again".

So, it seems like the tradition for these posts is that I open the comments up to specific topics. This one will be:

Toupee or Not to Toupee, that is the Question: (Thanks, Shifra!)

Give specific examples


Neil Harris said...

What about THE ROCK! Great movie, no sequel (wrong post).
Thanks again for the answer.

psachya said...

Sorry - a bit off topic, but that movie has one of the best verbal exchanges in cinematic history. To wit:
HF: Dad!
SC: What?
HF: Dad!
SC: What?
I had that very conversation with my son the other day. The only difference was that we weren't tied to chairs back-to-back, trying to escape from a bunch of murderous Nazis hunting the Holy Grail and attempting to destroy the world. It only seemed that way at the time.

PsychoToddler said...

Since nobody is on topic here, I thought I'd chime in myself:

William Shatner (of course).

To toup or not to toup?

I scoured the internets but could not find a single picture of His Shatness sans toupee. I had thought that I remembered him in a guest appearance on the Six Million Dollar Man where he was balding, but it turns out it was just a really really really REALLY bad toup.

So I guess the answer would be "toup, but only with high quality products".

Shifra said...

I like to phrase the question
Toupee or not Toupee.

While I think that a toupee on a man bothers me in THEORY if it's such a good one that I'd never know the difference what I don't know won't hurt me.

Those two photos of S.C. really show you how much toupee technology has advanced in the last 20 years!

JewAtty Daddy said...

I think Ben Affleck wears a rug. Who agrees with me? Happy Father's Day.