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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

iPod, Therefore I Am

Well, I finally broke down and bought myself an iPod. I've said for years that I didn't need one, couldn't use one. I only listen to music in the car. Blah blah blah. Well, I'm getting a car with an auxiliary jack, and so now I have a sudden urgent need to take 8 gigabytes worth of MP3s wherever I go. The thought being that it will be more convenient than sifting through a bunch of MP3-CDs.


So a couple of initial thoughts (mind you, I used Macs back in the 80's and 90's but switched to PCs for the games):

It's nice looking.

It sounds nice.

It's lightweight (30 gig version).

I don't like ear-buds. I can't get them to sit straight and I keep losing the bass frequencies. That won't be an issue when it's plugged into the car, though.

ITunes is a pain in the butt to use. Why can't I just organize my albums by dropping songs into folders and/or batch-renaming them according to artist/album? Why does it take 30 seconds to add an artist name to a song? Am I missing something?

I am, so far, NOT a big fan of the touch-wheel thingie. I had to go online to figure out why I couldn't make this thing work (because, like, there are no instructions included), and even then, I needed to watch a Quicktime(TM) Video to figure it out (now I have QuickTime, ho ho ho).

It turns out I'm NOT supposed to click "up" on the wheel to scroll up, or "right" to proceed to the next menu (as with, let's say, cell phones, PDAs, and just about every other piece of modern electronics equipped with a round pad and a central "enter" button). No, I'm supposed to "lightly" feel my way around the wheel withOUT pressing it. Because the pressing causes something completely unintuitive to occur. Also, although I have managed to get the hang of navigating around with this thing, it's still hard to be precise with it, and I'm concerned about constantly overshooting my target and going back and forth as I drive my car. Which may leave me unable to switch albums, songs, modes, etc as I drive.

Overall, from the packaging to the absent documentation, Apple seems more concerned with style than substance.

But I'm only on Day 1.


Holy Hyrax said...

True, Apple is very concerned with style, but I have no clue how you had such a hard time figuring out the wheel that you actually had to go online for instructions. This isent surgery man, just sit back, and enjoy it.

PsychoToddler said...

I actually thought it was defective. I kept trying to press down on the wheel to scroll to the next selection, and it seemed to be scrolling randomly up and down.

Holy Hyrax said...

how come you went for the ipod? There are other mp3 devices out there

Miriam L said...

Boy you complain a lot! ;)

I'm a big iPod fan. Actually, I think iPod and iTunes are among the most elegant tech solutions I've ever used.

And my iPod came with a manual. But I bought it years ago. Maybe they think everyone knows how to use it now? Dunno.

PsychoToddler said...

HH: "how come you went for the ipod? There are other mp3 devices out there"

Fudge has a Dell Jukebox and it's buggy as hell, and my boys have some knockoffs which are small and not that impressive. Apple has a good track record, and I already had iTunes on my computer.

Miriam: "Boy you complain a lot! ;)"

You know what they say, give the people what they want.

"And my iPod came with a manual."

So did mine. It was a fold over with useful directions like: "To put music on your ipod, place music on your computer and load it into your ipod."

Domo Arigato!

Holy Hyrax said...

well, anyways, welcome to the apple family.

we've been waiting for you.


orieyenta said...

I knew you'd give in eventually. The Orieyenta household has three of them (so we're never anywhere without the musical stylings of the Moshe Skier Band) and way back when we got the first one we had no clue how to use the darn thing either....it will grow on you and then you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Happy listening!

Ralphie said...

Sounds like it's time to pack it in, move to Florida, and wear black knee-socks.

RaggedyMom said...

The real question is: What kind of car are you getting? And how does the Geo feel about it?

RaggedyMom said...

Miriam L said...
Boy you complain a lot! ;)

What else is there but a little good-natured kvetching? Maybe it's a regional thing. I always thought there were two modes in life - I have something to kvetch about, or everything's fine (the latter is something like being bored, or maybe asleep).

Soccer Dad said...

My wife just got me a Sansa e-260 for our anniversary. I kept saying, where are the instructions? There's just this sheet that tells me next to nothing other than what is patently obvious. Then she looks at the skimpy instructions and informs me that the manual is online and if I'd only read the skimpy instructions carefully I'd have known that.

My wife got me the Sansa, because she hates itunes and isn't so impresed with her iPod.

PsychoToddler said...

HH: Er...thanks.

Orieyenta: Well, the main advantage of the iPod is the ability to store Psychotoddler music. Might I recommend the albums Kabbalah and Kabbalah: Classic, now available exclusively for purchase and download at Mosheskier.com? I actually make...next to nothing on it, but it keeps the server running.

Ralphie: Yes, the Mrs. and I are looking for a condo in Del Boca Vista.

RM: Yes, good question, good question...

The day I stop kvetching is the day they put me in the ground. Speaking of kvetching...

Soccer Dad: That's pretty much what the iPod had. A very sparse insert (wrapped in a fancy plain white plastic envelope) with meaningless instructions like "turn on your ipod to listen to music" and the like. Maybe your wife hates you?

Jack's Shack said...

I love my Ipod.

Halfnutcase said...

I don't have an Ipod and don't particularly know what I would do with one.

I still love my cassettes and floppy disks :-) (But I can't get a walkman anymore and my last one broke :-()

Anonymous said...

my ipod sits alone in my night table while my youngest drools over it....soon, soon i will get around to downloading all that sappy 80's music (air supply, anyone?)

wanderer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SaraK said...

I have the same iPod and I love it. Yes, iTunes isn't the greatest, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad.

~ Sarah ~ said...

as holy hyrax said: "welcome to the apple family.

we've been waiting for you."


Doctor Bean said...

I use my treo as my MP3 player. I love just having one all-purpose box to take with me everywhere. I don't have a separate phone, pager, PDA or even watch. I love it. If they ever come out with bluetooth key technology so I don't have to carry keys around and the treo opens my house, office and car, that would be one fewer thing to carry.

PsychoToddler said...

Mrs. B just got one of those all in one phones but wasn't too happy with it so she's sending it back. Too bulky.

They have cars now that don't require keys.

Chana said...

Oh, I love my iPod. But I have simple desires and simple needs. Pretty iPod with its pretty playlists and songs. :D

yellojkt said...

I have about every IPod device known to man including the Bose SoundDock. But I still hate ITunes. It just lost all my podcasts and they don't show up on my iPod in the right place.

Sorry to vent, but I'm with you.

Savy said...

I got an iPod for christmas, and I love it. It took a while to figure it all out though. You CAN just drop certain songs into a folder on itunes and whatnot. You can do all sorts of playlists and everything, and it's actually very easy - but maybe I misunderstood what you are trying to do.

The biggest thing for me was figuring out how to get my movies on the ipod. That's when the addiction set in. I think I see it as a personal challenge to find out how many movies I can put on it. So far have 32, plus every album I've ever owned. I got some program... MadZ I think, and I can put any of the dvd movies I own onto my iPod. I'm not entirely sure that is useful for me, but it did help during a doctor's appointment the other day when I was able to turn on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for my son which calmed the freaking out. ;)

PsychoToddler said...

Question for the ipod geeks:

I bought a car charger, and I noticed a loud hum/whine when the charger is connected. Playblack is very quiet when not connected. I tried to figure out how to fix this, and it appears to be related to a grounding loop in the dashboard.

Is there any way to fix this short of rewiring the car?

Juggling Frogs said...

My sister and her husband bought me an iPod two years ago. It's wonderful.

My favorite way to use it is in the car, with a dLo FM transmitter, which acts as a holder for the iPod, charges it, while transmitting the sound over FM through the car's tuner. This lets us use the car speaker system.

We listen to audiobooks, shiurim, music, etc. in the car on long trips. It's great to play a kids' story until they fall asleep, hit stop, and start our own audiobook. When they wake up, we can stop the adults' audiobook and pick up right where they left off.

For very long drives, it's great to listen to a 16 hour unabridged story without having to flip tapes.

I also appreciate being able to carry playlists of music with me, for impromptu celebrations. I have a kids dance playlist, a birthday party playlist, simcha music playlist, and songs for various occasions and holidays. I'm amazed at how much music this device holds.

Enjoy you new toy! Titchadash!

All the best,