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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ged Ouuuuuutt!!!

I heard this guy, Chinaman, on the radio this week and I haven't been able to stop laughing. For kicks, leave me a comment with a situation in which Ahnold's three catch-phrases, "Gedd Ouuutt!!", "Aaaaahhhh!!!", and "Graab my Haaand!!" could be used. Fudge and I have already come up with one in reference to the bathroom.

(clip is PG-13)


Lvnsm27 said...

oy that was great

Ezzie said...

You should see Pablo Francisco... :)

RaggedyMom said...

Thanks for rating this clip, since I do often play your stuff for the little Raggedies - I'll get back to ya on it after 7 p.m. or so . .

Anonymous said...

Ezzie, funny you mention him, I was just recently watching him

RaggedyMom said...

Ahnold Poetry
based on true events

Ice cream truck at 8 p.m.


My kids are trying to fall asleep to your endless drone.

Gedd Ouuutt!! of this neighborhood! Come back during daylight hours!

What's that, driver? You're about to fall into the lake at Flushing Meadows Park? Graab my Haaand!!

And pass me that Nutty Buddy while you're at it.

yitz said...

i couldn't resist

Ahnold’s School of Etiquette and Protocol (ASEP) :

"for everyone from bodybuilders, like me, to girly men, like you."
1)how to signal to your guests they’ve stayed to long:
girly man – yawn a couple times, look at your watch; no guaranteed success.
graduate of ASEP - “ged out!!!” It also helps to mention there is a bomb in the house. works every time.
2)When someone tries some variant of the girly “homey handshake” on you – “Grab my haand!” (or at least a head-butt) is definitely appropriate.
3)”Honey! How do I look in this dress?”:
girly man (w/o looking) – "Fine, dear."
nice man (with at least a glance)– "more beautiful than the ancient gardens of Babylon"
graduate of ASEP (after a prolonged silence) - "Aaaaahhhh!!!"