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Monday, March 26, 2007


Today would have been my parents' forty-seventh anniversary. Despite the fact that I am apparently losing my mind, and that normally I would have to constantly remind myself to call my mother to say "Happy Anniversary," today I had no problem remembering. Every time I wrote 3/26/07 I heard myself say "call home."

What I'm not sure about is if anniversaries still take place after the death of one of the partners. What exactly should I say? Should I call at all? Will that just be awkward? Will I make her cry?

As it turned out, I called, and I did not mention Dad or the anniversary. And we talked about other things we had in common, like our old cars and our young descendants.


RaggedyMom said...

47. Wow. That must have been a tough call. Although as her son, I doubt you could have gone wrong whether you'd mentioned it or not. The main thing is that you called.

outofAMMO said...

I should try talking about that on YOUR anvisery. If it really worked that well, i guess it's worth a shot.

SaraK said...

I still call my grandmother on her wedding anniversary, even though my grandfather is gone. She's thinking about it and I feel it's appropriate to acknowledge their happy marriage.

Emah S said...

I would call her back later and just say that you were thinking of her today and missing your Dad. She may not have said anything either, not wanting to upset you. Moms are like that. But in reality, she needs for the day to be acknowledged. My dad has been gone now for ugh, 12 years, and I still make a mention of their anniversary kind of like what I wrote above.

Hang in there........

Doctor Bean said...

You honor them both, and you've set a nice precedent for what to do for number 48.

Tangentially, I'm getting really curious to find out what happens if I don't display the non-secure elements. Moreover, I just noticed that you don't have Google ads anymore, and have switched to Webads. I hope you're raking in the coin.

fudge said...

oh, it's ok abba. after all, she likes you. at least, she liked you when you were two. we have definite evidence of that.

or, as grandma says, 'evidently.'

by the by, we talked about her dance instruction when i was there. and the cuban story. along with, of course, how naive you were as a child.

PsychoToddler said...

Raking in the coin, as in a penny or so. I have yet to see even that much from any of the ads. The google ads were just taking up space and I'd have to give them personal information to get anything anyway.

Fudge, you'll need to use "evidently" in a sentence.

No doubt she told you about the time I got swindled by that African couple.