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Monday, February 05, 2007


I took The PT to the Domes on Sunday. They were having their yearly Garden Railroading display.

Something that you probably don't know about me is that I was a Model Railroading enthusiast as a kid. When I was in 8th Grade, I built a huge HO scale layout in my basement, complete with mountains, houses, people, trees, working streetlights and cars. Mostly cars. Truth is, I didn't care so much about the trains. I loved the modeling. Creating a miniature world. Playing god with the little people. Having the Army come in with tanks and green soldiers and blowing up the soda shop. Or having granny's car break down on the train crossing. Good times, good times...

But anyway, after high school the layout was disassembled and packed up into boxes, and some time after I moved out here I had my Dad ship the boxes to me. And all of it has sat on a shelf in my dungeon awaiting such time as I could make space available to reconstruct it. And as you've probably guessed, that time never came.

Meanwhile the kids have their own hobbies, and it seems Model Railroading is a thing of the past. Still, whenever there's a good railroading show, I like to go and show the kids. So this weekend it was The PT's turn, and she enjoyed it mightily.

But that's not really what this post is about. I took a bunch of pictures while we were at the Domes, and after a while, The PT asked if she could take my picture. So I gave her the camera.

The interesting part is how she chose to take the picture. She put the camera up to her face and tried to peer through the viewfinder. I have no idea why she did that. She was having a heck of a time and finally I just told her to point the thing in my direction and press the button.

But I don't know where she got the idea to use the little viewfinder instead of the big ole' LCD screen. Of all my six children, she is probably the only one who never saw me squint through a viewfinder, because she is the only kid who was born in the digital camera age. We always have used the LCD around her. Taking a picture has always meant holding a little box a few feet in front of you and trying to line up a shot. It's never been about sticking the camera over your eye.

She always seems to find her own way of doing things.


Safranit said...

Too bad you can't use that picture for your passport...it is definitely a better picture.

~ Sarah ~ said...

looks like a fun place! i like the idea of a mini-railroad as a hobby but then i've always liked to build/make stuff.

RaggedyMom said...

Have you ever been to the Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Gardens (Bronx)? We went there this year, and it was fascinating - not only for the trains, but for the tens of NY landmarks that were replicated out of twigs, leaves, bark, etc. It was very cool.

My brothers were forever making miniature worlds with their little green soldiers. Complete with red marker drawn on them for "blood".

Ann is just 3, and she pretends to take pictures using the same method. I think kids still see *some* people (e.g. Ann's preschool teacher, my parents) taking old-school photos, and the universal pantomime for taking a picture still involves closer proximity of the camera to the face. Seems like it's going to take another generation for that to go away.

Doctor Bean said...

Wow. The PT gets cuter every time you post about her. She's certainly not a toddler anymore. Pretty soon, she won't even be psycho. Then what will become of this blog?

Jessica said...

Those gardens look amazing! One of my grandfathers was really into model trains: he would have loved the exhibit.

PT looks adorable! And she is such a good photographer.

Shira Salamone said...

A budding photographer, I would judge
Who's beginning to look like big sis' Fudge

orieyenta said...

The gardens look lovely and must have been a welcome change from your FRIGID weather.

I can't believe how big the PT is getting! Good for her for always finding her own way of doing things.

PsychoToddler said...

Safranit: Which, mine or hers?

Sarah: Minirailroading has been replaced by computer games as the pastime of choice. While I love computer games, I do think it's a real shame.

Actually, before computer games, modeling was on its way out anyway. I remember when the kids were small (1990s) you could already no longer get models that you needed to glue together and paint. All the Star Wars toys came pre-assembled and pre-painted. Better for playing with, of course, but the fun was always in the building.

RM: One of my absolute FAVORITE places in the world is just around the corner from you:

The Queens Museum. There is a full reproduction of the ENTIRE city of NY there that you can walk around, with every building reproduced. As someone who grew up around your area, I was shocked that I didn't know anything about this place until college. It's worth a post with pictures, if you go.

Doc: I will probably have to hand it over to her.

Jessica: The Domes are Mega cool. I kinda like to pretend I'm on one of those spaceships from Silent Running when I'm there. There's also an arid dome and a rainforest.

Shira: Yes, definitely a resemblence, although Fudge was blonde in those days.

Orieynta: It was nice inside, but the walk from the car into the main hall was horrendous. We passed something frozen on the sidewalk--it looked like frozen vomit. Ewww...

Yes, if you've read this or Fudge's blog long enough, it's no surprise she has her own way of doing things.

RaggedyMom said...

Here's hoping I don't see the words frozen vomit again anytime soon. Shudder. That was intense.

Growing up, I didn't know about the Queens Museum either. On my first job teaching English as a Second Language at a public school in Flushing, the museum was the big trip we took with students in the program. It was great seeing the panorama for the first time alongside newcomers to this country. One of my favorite memories from then.

I went back with RaggedyDad and the kids not long ago. I should dig up and post the photos. The rest of the museum is a little blah, but the panorama makes it worthwhile. RaggedyDad knows the city a lot better than I do, so he enjoyed pointing out dozens of things to me. They're very careful about updating and maintaining the setup. And since we live about spitting distance from the start of the park, it really is just around the corner.

PsychoToddler said...

Just reading through the Wikipedia article on Silent Running and it looks like the domes in that movie were patterned after the Milwaukee domes, and that the movie was originally supposed to be filmed here! How cool would THAT have been!

Ima go back with The PT dressed up as one of those little robots...

Stacey said...

She's so cute! Speaking of cameras, my 10-month old Sony is dead. I am so not happy! I am UPS'ing it to Laredo for warranty repairs today. Grrrrr. I would expect better from a Sony. Or is just everything nowadays cheap crap from China?

PsychoToddler said...

...uhhh....is that the Sony Camera that you talked me into buying??

m in mke said...

PT - and Mrs. B lets you post these pictures? I thought her censor rights were still in place!

PsychoToddler said...

It's OK as long as real names aren't included. I've been posting pictures of The PT since the beginning.

Halfnutcase said...

PT, I'm probably going to get in big trouble for sticking my nose in this kind of family business but, I hope that the names that fudge includes on her blog aren't the real ones.

(not that I think she's that stupid but hey, alot of teenagers are.)

Maybe it's time to make a rule that your whole family uses the same nicknames for family members when quoting them in the blog?