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Friday, January 12, 2007

Here's What Happened

MonkRealizing that the Shlomo Katz show is little over a week away, I asked Mrs. Balabusta to bring the CD of his music which I had made in from the car after her aerobics class so that I could start to learn the material.

I then sat down on the blue chair in the living room and proceeded to play Xenosaga III on the Playstation 2 with Iguana sitting on the floor to my left, and The PT on my lap.

Shortly thereafter, Fudge suddenly appeared, and saying "Here ya go," tossed a CD and a jewel case at me as I stared intently at the TV. She then rushed out of the house.

I noted that the CD was a little wet, but immediately placed it into the jewel case for its own protection and put it down...somewhere.

I finished playing the game, then went downstairs to work on some of the video from the Young Israel gig. Following this, I got on my exercise bike (with my new tushy cushion) and watched something that I'm too embarrassed to mention here on the new TV with The PT and Iguana sitting nearby. Curly came down about halfway through.

After the workout, I went back to the computer to work on some more video. Finally, I decided to get to work on the Shlomo Katz music. I looked down at the computer desk.

It wasn't there.

I looked around the room. I didn't see it. I looked on the bed next to the bike. Nope.

I went back upstairs. I searched the living room. I could not find it. I stuck my hands between the cushions of the chair, but did not feel it.

I spent about an hour retracing my steps for the entire evening. I questioned everybody. I enlisted Fudge (now back from aerobics) in my search. She helped, although she did give me that look that seemed to say, "oh...brother...I thought he was too young for dementia."

I mentally, verbally, and physically went over everything I had done since Fudge had tossed me the CD. Let's see...controller in hand...did I put the CD on the floor? Did I get up and put it on a shelf? Did the PT toss it at Iguana (they were throwing something around in my peripheral vision, I think), did Iguana move it when she moved the stool to get the Cars DVD off the shelf to show The PT? Hey, why isn't this Get Smart DVD in its case. Darn KIDS! Can't they ever put anything away?? Look, the DVD case is RIGHT HERE! How much effort would it have taken to open it up and put the DVD in? See, this is how DVDs get scratched up. Or lost. I bet she dropped it here behind the stereo. Let me turn the light on and look. Rats, someone unplugged the lamp behind the stereo. I can't reach the plug without moving everything. Who would do such a thing?? Have you ever heard of this? Unplugging a lamp behind a stereo, so that if you try to turn it on, it doesn't go on, and then you're scratching your head, "why doesn't it go on?" and then you think, well maybe the bulb is out, and you look all over the house for a new bulb, and it's 100 watts but that's all you can find, and then you screw it in, but it still doesn't work, and that's when you realize the lamp is unplugged, and why didn't they just plug it back in? What kind of crazy people live in this house??

This was getting too much for me, I was starting to talk like my mother, so I decided to go downstairs and grab a Klondike Bar out of the freezer. On my way I searched again near the bike, under the bike, under the cushy tushy, but no luck.

I slept fitfully last night. I searched again this morning.


Mr. Monk, where are you when I need you??


Kiwi the Geek said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're going to link to that goofy pillow then I'm going to leave a tidbit of "too much information" and say that I thought those things were exclusively for women the first couple of weeks after having a baby. No shame, I guess -- you ARE a doctor after all.

Good luck finding the CD. I know this is not your kind of thing - it's not mine either - but did you think of giving tzedakah to that Rav Meir Ba'al Haness for finding lost objects?

Ralphie said...

Frankly, I'm surprised it's not in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the car is holding it hostage? lol

Kiwi the Geek said...

Dude, somebody please tell me RM isn't serious about giving charity to find lost things. The Catholics have a thing like that too, you have to pray to a certain saint to find your stuff. I know this because the Kenosha News (where I grew up) has a perpetual classfied ad about the remedy. Why somebody would pay for that, I know not.

Anonymous said...

oh, I know this feeling too well. With our recent move things are disappearing with no end.

Check the fridge and the garbage bag :)

Good luck in finding it!

Anonymous said...

It is in the Get Smart DVD case!

Shira Salamone said...

So nu, how are you managing to rehearse, or did you finally give up on finding the original and burn yourself another CD?

Anonymous said...

Kiwi, I think what I'm talking about here is a little different.

It's not the most mainstream approach, but it is actually a simple charity box in which the money goes to poor people, plain and simple. A dime, a quarter, a dollar, it doesn't matter. I've known people who've had lost things found after this, and those who haven't.

Sometimes when something important is lost, and one is feeling a little desperate about it, the merit of giving charity can't hurt. That doesn't sound too wacky, even to a realist like me.

PsychoToddler said...

Kiwi: What? Do I make you laugh? Am I a clown for you??

RM: No, no! It's a man's cushion! See, it's blue!

Ralphie: The freezer! Don't be ridiculous! What kind of a moron do you think I am! Besides, I already checked there.

Mrs. Jude: I wouldn't put it past that thing, especially after all the rotten things I've been saying about it.

JS: the thing is I haven't moved in 15 years? Where is everything going?

Anonymous: If you don't mind, I'd like to handle this myself. Ahem. I think it might be in the Get Smart DVD case.

Shira: To burn a new CD would be to admit defeat.

REReader said...

So was it in the Get Smart DVD case? (Because that's what I was gonna say.)

Doctor Bean said...

Now you're making me anxious. D'ja find it?

Adrien Monk said...

Here's what really happened:

Fudge threw you the CD, but you were so busy playing Xenosaga that you didn't pay attention to where you put it.

That's because you didn't put it anywhere. You left it on your lap. While you were playing, it slid off of your lap and in between the cushion and side of the chair.

You forgot all about it when you went downstairs. Meanwhile, The PT wanted to watch her Cars DVD. So Iguana put it on for her. The The PT did what she usually does--she went to lie down on the blue chair, and flip flop around like a fish out of water. It's a big blue Lay-Z-Boy chair, so she was making it rock and recline and sit up and down.

When you realized you didn't have the CD, you went upstairs and correctly checked the chair, but because of all The PT's fidgeting, the CD had already slipped deeper into the chair, and you didn't feel it.

When you came back from Shul Friday night, The PT was on the chair again, flopping around as usual. That's when you noticed the CD on the floor behind the chair.

She must have rocked it so much that it finally slipped out the back.

Kiwi the Geek said...

Adrian Monk: Hahahahahaha! Did you vacuum the chair after you solved the case?

PT: Yes, don't you write this blog specifically to make us all laugh? If not, I'm confused...

RM: Nothing wrong with giving charity, for any reason or no reason. I just think it's funny that Jews and Catholics have a similarly illogical custom. Culture is a funny thing.

Shira Salamone said...

Okay, now Doctor Bean and I can biting our nails.

Happy rehearsing.

outofAMMO said...

abba, since when do you look like Monk?????

~ Sarah ~ said...

lol! have you found it yet?

in my house when important things go missing they are usually in the most obvious places. especially if it's dad that's misplaced something... chances are, we come in, find it in two seconds and it'll be right there after he's been searching for three days.

have you looked under the couch?

Bagel Blogger said...

I'm a strong believer in 'recreating scenarios', I believe our memory isn't just Verbal/or Visual its physical as well.

By recreating the event we jog and possibly unite sections of our brain, from this, things we thought we didn't notice become apparent.

In your case PT I actually recomend you place the whole family as they were that night, get Fudge to throw the cd as she did, then carefully subtly spy on the little terrors to see which one of them played frisbee down the hall way.

Failing this you get to enjoy your game of xenosaga3 again.

I hope you find it
Visit: Bagelblogger

Anonymous said...

Did you find it?

As a BSG afficiando, I must suggest that next time you try "Where is that FRACKEN CD?" But that's just my 2 cents.

PsychoToddler said...

Mr. Monk found it for me. That guy's a genius!