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Friday, December 29, 2006

Call Schedule Sudoku

A chance meeting in the hospital hallway:

Mark: Hey, Jeff.

Jeff: Hey, Mark.

Mark: Do you know who's on call this weekend?

Jeff: I guess it's not you?

Mark: No...and I guess that means it's not you?

Jeff: No. What about Bob?

Mark: No...Bob is on vacation this week.

Jeff: And it can't be Rob, because he was on last week.

Mark: So it has to be Dave!


Shifra said...

At least some doctors seem to be today! I'm still sick and I had to practically beg for an appointment and take the whole day off to be flexible enough to take any appointment the doctor could give me.

Now I hear that you can't use a vacation day at work to cover sickness because "vacation days need to be planned in advance!"

Now I'm sick and annoyed! (oh and broke.)
Thanks for giving me a place to vent about my medical problems - your post was in fact very cute but I am feeling to crummy to think about anyone but myself, except for my boss, who better rethink his decision before I cough all over him first thing Tuesday morning!

PsychoToddler said...

Shifra, I can fit you in at noon. Can you catch a flight?

Doctor Bean said...

So that means Dave isn't the tranvestite plumber, so that leaves only George for that, which means Henry is the Presbyterian minister.

Anonymous said...

Three unrelated thoughts:

Do you guys get together and play Clue during your "down time"?

Hey, remember that movie What About Bob?

I'm guessing that Hot Chanie(TM) is on call this weekend.

~ Sarah ~ said...

ah the process of elimination.

that actually sounds like one of those puzzles that we used to do in primary school.

kasamba said...

What about the butler?
I thought he did it.

wanderer said...

But then who's on first?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that is how we sometimes figure out who is on call because no one really wants to hunt down a copy of the call schedule.

outofAMMO said...


PsychoToddler said...

You haven't seen anything until you've seen the three-way-call-flip!