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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh. Yeah.

Good things come to those who wait*.

* also those who whine, beg, bribe...


Jewish Blogmeister said...

Am I to understand the HDTV has arrived? Scandolous! what size is it?

Ralphie said...

When did you get this? Have you been holding out on us? What are the details?

Also, that's a weird remote - two handles and a fan? Bizarre.

PsychoToddler said...

I got it last week. I did a LOT of research and read through some Audio/Video Geek forums (see here for the specifics).

I had decided on a CRT (tube) HDTV for a few reasons:

1. They are very cheap (compared to LCDs or Plasma)

2. They have fast refresh rates, meaning that if you play video games and there is a lot of movement on screen , you don't get motion blur or "trails" like you do with LCD's.

3. They do blacks really well, and since all I watch are sci fi movies with lots of black space, my research told me this was the way to go.

4. I don't have room for anything bigger than 30" anyway.

So I went with the LG 30fs4d 30" screen and it is GREAT!

I played a race last night with Curly and we each got half the screen, and that half was about the same size as my old TV.

It was $700 plus I had a $100 gift card from Christmas.

Ralphie: That is the cockpit of my own personal starfighter.

Ralphie said...

Didja get the 4-year service plan?

Rachel said...

May you watch it in good health!

wanderer said...

Cockpit of a starfighter, eh? Looks more like a treadmill with a fan to me. But what do I know?

So looks like you wore down Mrs. B. Excellent work. Are your eyes, ears and knees intact? She has a violent streak ya know... Enjoy!

Ezzie said...

It's still a flat screen, though, right?

Very very cool. Can I have one?!

The main reason I wouldn't want to get a CRT is simply the room - you need a base big enough to hold it, which means not only does it take up space where it is, but everything below it, too. Of course, if you already had a TV there, it doesn't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Nice tv - where's thre antenna? :)
Btw, I think a tv (= relaxing) is not the same as fixing up the kitchen (= work for Mrs. B). Just sayin'.

torontopearl said...

I had no clue what that photo was of! But now that I know, may you and "it" be very happy.

I just noticed the "theme song" in the sidebar. It's cute...reminiscent sound/style of the band The Barenaked Ladies, originally from Toronto. (have you heard their music?)

~ Sarah ~ said...


Shifra said...

Well it's about time!
Run out and get some snacks we'll all be over in an hour.

Tzipster91 said...

Now all you have to do is get Mrs.Balabusta to pass along this magical inclination towards consenting to a nore technologically advanced house so that I CAN HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION FASTER THAN 28KB DIAL-UP!!!!
Sorry. Bit of a pet peeve, that.

SaraK said...

Niiiiice! Enjoy!

Doctor Bean said...

Mazal tov!

Kiwi the Geek said...

Poor Tzipster, I sympathize. I didn't think there was anybody left in North America with a slower connection than mine! (56k)

outofAMMO said...

Ha. Losers.

PsychoToddler said...

Ralphie: yes, I got the service plan. I usually don't but for this I had the feeling I oughta.

wanderer: Yes, I am on constant guard.

ezzie: It is a flat screen, and a slim tube, which means that it's about as deep as our old 20" set (maybe less deep). But still a big tube, so about 114#. You should have seen me and Curly carry it in from the car. I never thought I'd have to utter the words "Don't drop the TV--again!" so many times!

The main issue with slim tubes is that they accomplish their "slimness" by using one tube instead of two (which is what a standard "tube" hdtv uses to get the wide screen). And also they "bend" the rays to spread them farther onto the screen from a shorter distance. This can lead to some visual irregularities or "geometry" problems that people on the AV forum go on and on about, like bowing of the top of the screen. It really isn't noticeable unless you're a perfectionist or you're looking for it, and it's worth it for the price trade off and the suitability for xbox gaming (still better than an LCD in my book).

You can get info on this model here.

RM: I actually didn't buy it to watch TV. Just DVDs while I exercise, and gaming, but I have since attached a pair of rabbit ears and it picks up a bunch of HD digital channels over the air and they are much sharper than the standard channels.

TP: I like the Barenaked Ladies, but the themesong is actually a ripoff of Talking Heads' Psychokiller (thank Ralphie for the idea).

Shifra: yes, as Mrs. B says, "what are you going to whine about now?"

Tzipster: My advice is for you to do a little homework and find some good prices on DSL service. I have a feeling you'll find it's either the same price or slightly higher than what your parents are paying now.

Jack's Shack said...

"Don't drop the TV--again!"

Words to live by. ;)

Neil Harris said...

I bet that Star Destroyer never looked better!!

Bagel Blogger said...

Im stil not convinced on the technology of Plasma screens.
I went out and brought the absolute top of the line DVD player when it first came out a Panasonic, it cost over a thousand dollars(Years ago), now we use the $40 one we brought for the girls as its a generation 4 and plays all regions our super expensive DVD generation 1 plays only 1 region and doesnt have as good as picture quality.
I learnt my lesson buying the 'beta' version of things, about another year and Plasmas will be at there 'base line price wise.

Longitivity wise if space isnt a problem I still think CRT's have it over PLasma/LCD's.They dont have such a risk of 'screen burn ' either.

I'll never forget a friends 21st I went to, they brought out the biggest plasma you could ever wish to see, every one was bogeying to the music, then the madantory Party drunk fell, tipped over 'Birthday Boy's Dads Plasma and we watched as a grown man cried.

EBAY: Plasma 2 days old, brand new body, remote and base needs new screen Paid $7,800 now $80


PsychoToddler said...

That would make any grown man cry.

Price aside, plasmas are still not great for gaming. This CRT looks better every day.

Sweettooth120 said...

I must be way behind the times, because I have no idea what I am looking at.

Perhaps I will now cheat and go back and read all the comments.