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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blog Appreciation Day

August 24th is Blog Appreciation Day! Show your fellow bloggers some love by snapping a shot of their website in your hometown!

Here's one that was sent to me by Neil Kramer, who invented Blog Appreciation Day:

And here's one I sent him:

And now, the love goes out to....Toronto Pearl!

(BTW Pearl, you missed a phenomenal MSB show last night).

And while I'm passing out some love, I need to send some to my wife, whose birthday falls out on Blog Appreciation Day:


Doctor Bean said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs B!

Happy Blog Appr... Oh, forget it.

torontopearl said...

Happy B-day, Ch.

PT, thanks for sharing the blog love-- if I knew how to handle the digital camera properly, I'd be busy sending blog pics too to several folks. (Neil sent me the same pic. I think he sent his blogroll the same pic!)

And I was thinking of you at that concert. Glad it went well. Sorry we were not there to enjoy it in person.