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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Top Ten Tag Ting

Tzipster, my neice, is trapped at Boy Scout Camp (you'll have to ask her why, as a girl, she is trapped at Boy Scout Camp), and apparently has nothing to do all day, so she's been blogging up a storm and has tagged me to blog about a Top Ten anything list.

This is, of course, an excuse to proclaim myself the King of Relative Bloggers, meaning I believe that I have the most Bloggers who are directly related to me by first or second degree. I'm not saying that I inspired all these people to start blogging, but....actually I am saying that.

So without further ado, the Top Ten List of Bloggers Who are Related to Me:

10. Tzipster (The daughter of the sister of my wife)

9. Laya (The sister of my wife)

8. Glazerbeam (The father of the sister of my wife)

7. Eli (The son of the sister of the mother of my wife)

6. Frozen Custard Butter Burgers (aka Major Moron, aka Larry, the son of me)

5. One Half of 30 (aka 30Cal, aka Moe, the other son of me)

4. More Tales of Crime and Treason on the High Seas (aka Fudge, the daughter of me)

3. Our Kids Speak (Ok this is technically me, but the wife and daughter are members too)

2. Rose's Story (the mother of me, although I am the official scribe)

And finally

1. Mrs. Balabusta (the wife of me)

Oops, out of numbers

-1. Camp Mommy (the wife's other blog)

Whew! Is that everyone? Have I left anyone out??

Hey!! If you're related to me and you need to be on this list, leave a comment!


VientoSur said...

I don't think I am entitled to be on your list, but as a long time lurker I'm going to leave a comment anyway :-).

I've just started reading your mother's story. Amazing. It makes my heart shrink so I can't keep reading it for long, but I'll go back and read little by little.

Your blog is great.

Ezzie said...

Geez. No wonder you meet so many bloggers face-to-face, you're related to all of them!

But I think there are families with even more (J-)bloggers than yours. I've stumbled on a few "family" blogs, with lots of members who have their own blogs as well... one of them is even in your blogroll.

PsychoToddler said...

VientoSur: Thank you. I released Rose's Story episodically, and it's best read that way.

Ezzie: Really? I've got at least 9 legitimate people on the list (the one illegitimate one would be me). You think someone has more? Then he/she is welcome to be tagged for this.

Ezzie said...

Yeah, I think AirTime has more. I have also seen a couple other people I know of with family blogs, though I dunno if that counts (they all write on the same one).

I wonder if Elie's Expositions has more, too - I know he's related to a bunch.

Safranit said...

Geez Louize could you write out the relations in a more long hand way? Have you ever heard the word in-law :)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I know we are related here is how.. I majored in Psychology...your blog is psychotoddler..hence we must berelated. My question is how did you miss this?

PsychoToddler said...

Ezzie: Since I am the self-proclaimed King, I rule that all participants must have their own blog.

Safranit: Sorry, I was brought up by people whose first language was not English. Hey, what if I expanded this to people I also know in real life?

JB: Tenuous.

LittleBirdies said...

I had to draw a family tree to figure it out. You're too funny.
My father used to tell us to give something to his wife's mother-in-law.

Ezzie said...

Well, King PT, it appears that AirTime and clan win. I don't if this entails you losing your crown, and you still remain the largest American J-blog family. :)

PsychoToddler said...


Chana said...

I didn't know you are married to Balabusta!

The J-Blogosphere is just as incestuous as the Jewish community in my city - "better watch what you say", LOL!

Neil Harris said...

Pretty impressive. That's lot of reading to keep up with.

~ Sarah ~ said...


i only know of one blogger who is related to me so far (and a fairly distant relative at that). while my brother has a blog, he doesn't use it so it's not counted ;)

PsychoToddler said...

Chana: It's Mrs. Balabusta that I'm married to. I realize several other baleboostehs have shown up in recent months in various countries, but it's the one with the MRS degree I'm related to.

Neil: No kidding. I read them more than I talk to them (especially the out of towners).

Sarah: You never know who's reading you or who has a "secret" blog.

Little Birdies: I started talking like this after sitting shiva with my mother and my Polish relatives. But it is more descriptive. What does cousin mean? Brother in law? Whose brother?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Wow you are related to a lot of people, I learned a lot more about you and the 10 others lol. It's fun to be tagged.

LittleBirdies said...

I was reading your mother's story (not done yet). It is unbelievable. She lived through miracle after miracle--all I can say is WOW.

Ozzie said...

Uh oh, pretty soon someone might start thinking that you are trying to take over the blogosphere.

"Blogosphere Wars"

I can see it now.


Rafi G said...

wow! You guys must all be crazy. do you ever talk face to face?

PsychoToddler said...

SWFM: I guess I have a good share of relatives. That's a good thing for the Jewish people. We each need to have as many relatives as possible.

LB: Yes, it's really amazing. As an aside, my mother was told by someone who returned from a trip to LA that she was featured prominantly in an exhibit at the Weisenthal Center!

Ozzie: Doctor Bean and I controlled the blogosphere for a while, until he decided to go into hiding.

Rafi G: My sister-in-law would say "no." But I'm not very interesting in real life. People have told me (and this is people who have known me for many years) that my blog is much more interesting than I am. No offense.

torontopearl said...

Your blog is more interesting than you are? First I thought that's hard to believe...but then I thought that maybe you're right. But not just about you! I think all our blogs are probably more interesting than all our lives.

Perhaps something funny happens with one of your kids. You become a controller with how you depict it for us, and perhaps it becomes even funnier-sounding, especially 'cause we don't know your family -- everything about them becomes magnified.

Suddenly we've all become writers, archivists of our daily lives...

PsychoToddler said...

TP: I think it depends on who's around me. I am not one who tries to be the center of attention. If other people want to talk, I let them. I don't talk over them. So I think for most people who have us over, my dinner conversation sounds like this.

Mark: ...

Mark: ...

Mark: (polite laughter)

Mark: Yeah, that--(cut off)

Mark: Never mind.

Mark: ...

Mark: let's bench.

Tzipster91 said...

Hey, you didn't tag anyone! :(

PsychoToddler said...

People get annoyed with me when I tag them.