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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Megillah Meme?

Ezzie tagged me for the Megillah meme, which I guess is to list thoughts that went through my mind during the Megillah reading. Do I still have to do this now that Purim is over? Well, anyway:

1. Everyone is staring at me in this Caveman outfit--cool!

2. Look, some Litvaks dressed up as Chassidim--how clever!

3. Hey, some Chassidim dressed up as other types of Chassidim--how weird...

4. Hmm...some Chassidim dressed up as Litvaks--how disturbing...

5. Everyone is staring at me in this Caveman outfit--how disturbing...

6. Good, no one took my seat.

7. Why are people clearing away from my seat??

8. Man am I hungry.

9. The Rabbi sounds great as usual, but making more mistakes than usual. I think he doesn't feel good.

10. I'm working on a killer migraine right now.

11. That's funny, usually the Rabbi repeats the whole pasuk here. This time he just repeated the phrase.

12. Other people noticed that too.

13. This fake club makes for a great grogger! Too bad it doesn't squeak.

14. Everyone is staring at me as I bang this club in my Caveman outfit--enough already!! Stare at the guy in the parrot outfit!

15. I'm getting light-headed.

16. Man, the story ends like 2/3 of the way through! Why does the Megillah keep going on and on and on...

17. I think that guy is taking pictures of me.

18. Where is Mrs. Balabusta? I want to get a picture with her.

19. I'm really hungry but now I'm also nauseous.

20. Thank G-d it's finished already!


Rebecca said...

this is cute. I was thinking a lot of the same thing including the story was over 2/3 the way into it. The other thing I was thinking was "I really hope the baby keeps quiet so I don't have to go to the second reading"

PsychoToddler said...

Eventually they get older.

Anonymous said...

Caveman -

The reason he made so many mistakes is b/c he practices once all year - a few minutes beforehand (which is why they always start late).

He was taking pictures during leining! Man - that guy is obsessed, not to mention annoying. Not to mention NOT being yotzei (sp?).

What you really need is a personal megillah reader (like my wife has me!).

PsychoToddler said...

Great, see ya next year! How convenient!

Ezzie said...

Ha! By us, nobody dresses up for megillah (how boring!). But then again, it sounds more distracting.... :)

Halfnutcase said...

why is it weird when chassidim dress up as other kinds of chassidim? (speaking as a chassid guilty of this perenialy my self)

and i agree, chassidim dressing as litvaks is kinda disturbing.

and you dressed as a caveman.

Lvnsm27 said...

PT, lol, cute post.

I was thinking way too much during the reading. And then I would try to listen again.

tuesdaywishes said...

If you want a personal megillah reading, call my oldest kid. He did a great job this year,(at a shteeble down our block) and will do it for free if you fly him in.

Tzipster91 said...

Yeah, Izzy was great. I was kind of thinking about keeping Challah quiet, but then at the end I was wondering what significance the bit about Achashverosh making them pay taxes had to do with anything.

Mrs. Balabusta said...

the story was over 2/3 the way into it.....


Why do you think they call it megilla?????