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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Finale--WTF

You know I'm a big fan of the new Battlestar Galactica. Right now it's my favorite (and pretty much only) TV show. I just watched most of the season finale (except the 30 or so seconds my TiVo missed at the end), and all I can say is--WTF??

The comments are available for discussion. Spoilers welcome.

Oh, if you are in some way not a geek (and yet find yourself reading PsychoToddler anyway) uh...Go Badgers!


Shira Salamone said...

The humans have been "had." They were tricked into complacency because they were naive enough and/or desperately wanted to believe that the Cylons would never find them on their new home planet of New Caprica and/or that the Cylons had truly decided to leave them alone. What's left of the old colonial fleet, being in no condition to go into battle, has retreated, hoping to come back and fight another day. Problem: Most of the people who could have repaired the ships and flown the fighters are now stranded down on the planet.

Wild cards:
1. The "original" "Eight," a.k.a Sharon Valeri, who has returned with the allegedly benevolent conquering Cylons. Will she try to come between the flight Chief Flight Mechanic and his flight mechanic wife and reclaim her place in his heart? For that matter, will she try to kill the Chief's wife because the Chief's wife gunned her down in a "previous life"?
2. The "original" Six, revived in the "resurrection" tank, who fell in love with Baltar on (original) Caprica. Will she try to get back together with him?
3. . . . and/or will she try to help him get himself back together? The guy's long overdue for admission to a psychiatric hospital.

More questions: What happened to the "current" Eight (Sharon #2), the one who thinks the doctor killed her baby? And what's going to happen to/with that baby?

The writers are either nuts or geniuses (genii?). They've cracked this show wide open.

PsychoToddler said...

Cracked is right. I think most of us fans liked the show the way it was. It seems like the writers want to just take it all and smash it to bits and see what can be glued back together in the end.

It's a bold move, the question is, will the show that results be something that I want to continue watching?

I was still hoping it would be a dream, but from what I'm reading, that's out.

One thing I noticed: Lee looks like he's put on weight. Obviously the actor hasn't so I'm guessing that's an attempt to make him look like he's lost his edge. Is that a look they plan to continue into next season?

I reallly hope they don't invoke some kind of "time travel" angle to correct things. That would be soooo Star Trek.

blueenclave said...

Go Badgers? Go BADGERS!?

blueenclave said...

I am cheering for them, too, but that is because I never root for Arizona. It is tradition.

PsychoToddler said...

It's Badgers, right? Did I get it wrong? I'm not into sports.

Man, this is sooooo like high school.

jewish said...

It cleared up some things and and openned up new questions.

Are the new "masters" a cylon rebel group that truy wants to protest humanity from their genocidal brethren?

It was unexpected. Nice suprise....

PsychoToddler said...

I've come to trust the writers to come up with stuff that's interesting and thought provoking. OTOH I liked the cool space opera version of the show. I don't know if I'm ready to see these characters as so much trailer park trash.

Hopefully it will stay cool. By doing this they've basically trashed the whole setting of the show and started from scratch.

Maybe they just jumped the shark.

blueenclave said...

(Good Shabbos)

PsychoToddler said...

Thinking about it some more...

I can see the next season evolving into a resistance vs occupation scenario. While this may be interesting, I have some reservations.

This type of story can follow the Maccabee/Warsaw Ghetto Uprising/Russian Partisans/Rebellion vs Galactic Empire model and be very cool.

Or they can try to turn it into a Insurgent vs US in Iraq/Israeli Occupation type deal which will really piss me off.

We've already seen some signs that they are trying to justify terrorism--witness Anders' recent cafe bombing. The implication was that "human Cylons" are more civiliany but are ok as targets because "there are no civilian" Cylons. That may be true about the Cylons, but we've heard this same argument applied by Islamic terrorists in reference to Israelis.

Also I see some other potential parallels in the
"benign occupation" being offered by the Cylons and the strange "Peace Now" terrorists who initally didn't make sense, but with the new Cylon attitute may become real players.

Again, not quite the show I signed up for, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Shira Salamone said...

I'm curious to see whether both Starbuck and Col. Tigh can manage to extricate themselves from the bottle long enough to be of any use to the resistance.

Interesting subplot for which to watch out: Without antibiotics, Starbuck's boyfriend [husband?] will be dead of pneumonia by the end of the first episode. Will anyone be able to supply any medicine, and, if so, to whom will Starbuck be indebted?

*Oops--I forgot a wildcard!*
Am I the only one who forgot about the biggest problem with Col. Tigh's wife? In addition to the facts that she's A) a Lady Macbeth, forever conspiring to get her husband into a position of even greater power (he's already the XO/Executive Officer, second in command), B) probably sleeping with, or, at least, making major passes at, every man she can get her hands on, and C) an alcoholic who loves company while drinking , and brought her husband back into the bottle when she reappeared after having been missing, there's also the major question, still unresolved from the first season, concerning her true nature. Is she a human or a Cylon? Is it really the case that the only side she's on is her own?

Doctor Bean said...

b&c and I just finished the penultimate episode, so I'm not reading any of these comments and I'm typing this with my eyes closed. I'll be back after we watch the last one, probably tonight.

Mrs. Balabusta said...

Excuse me, but when the Cylons (aka Dean Stockwell) said they give up, or gave up, was that a ruse or just temporary.

Because- evidently - they didn't really give up.

Don't mean to slow you down.