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Friday, January 06, 2006


Jonah Goldberg has an excellent editorial on Spielberg's Munich at National Review Online. I liked this bit in particular:

Was the solution to the "cycle of violence" in, say, Schindler's List to get all the Nazis around a table and talk until they were blue in the gills while the gas chambers continued to churn?

Spielberg has done some great things, like his Shoah Foundation. This film isn't one of them.


Sweettooth120 said...

Rather than depending on the critics to give you a review, I think for a film like this, it's more important to actually go see it and then give your own review. I have friends that have heard both sides and then went and saw the film. They definitely have their own opinions about it, but they also thought it was an excellent film,despite the flaws that are being pointed out.

PsychoToddler said...

ST: I'm sure it's a very well-made and entertaining film. That's not the point. I have happily taken huge amounts of money out of my pockets and put them in Mr. Spielberg's pockets many times in the past. I own the boxed DVD edition of the Jurassic Park trilogy, ET, Saving Private Ryan...

But I am not going to take my hard-earned money and use it to support what is basically a misguided propaganda film which wants to indoctrinate its viewers into thinking that:

1. There is no difference between the people who intentionally murder civilians and those who try to bring them to justice

2. Israel does not have the moral right to do what it takes to defend its citizens

3. That were it not for some unspecified warmongers with unknowable motivations, we would be able to sit down with the people that have avowed, over and over again, to wipe us off the face of the planet and they will suddenly love us.

I will forever be in Mr. Speilberg's debt for interviewing my mother and so many other victims of the Holocaust. But I think he has his head up his butt right now and I'll wait until there is evidence that he is able to extricate it before I spend more money on his films.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Well said...I have no interest in spending a dime on this film. He was as you say truly misguided in his attempt to make this film.

Ayelet said...

Amen, PT. I'll wait to see it when it's no longer in theaters and the points aren't being racked up anymore.

Doctor Bean said...

I've had it with the whole "cycle of violence" meme. Shooting a guy who breaks into your house is not a cycle of violence. Executing a murderer is not a cycle of violence. What has been happening between Arabs and Israel is not the endless senseless blood feud between two vengeful families. It has been one side indiscriminantly killing civilians and the other side killing the murderers. If Israel chose to behave the way the Arabs have behaved Damascus and Tehran would not be standing.

I'm realizing now that if Israel is going to be tarred with this moral equivalence bulls**t, it may as well earn the criticism and inflict whatever damage is necessary to actually win this conflict. The other phrase I can't stand anymore is "there is no military solution". Where is the proof of that? I believe there is no non-military solution.

brother yehudah said...

Pirate it if you like, so you don't spend money to support questionable ideas, but why go to the trouble of passing judgement on its "message" before you actually go see it? Seems like beating up on the small kid in grade school, just because everyone else does. Would you want someone doing the same to you? Also keep in mind that like all forms of art, films are open to multiple interpretations.

PsychoToddler said...

A. I believe that piracy is theft and therefore wrong

B. I read the book which was the primary source of information, so I know what the "message" is

C. Spielberg has not been shy in pointing out what he thinks the point of the film is

D. I'd be happy to see it, but not if it means supporting a message that I find offensive

Maybe Mr. Spielberg should consider setting up free screenings for concerned Jewish groups

jaime said...

PT - I think you are on to something there...perhaps that would be a very responsible way to go.

Ralphie said...

I'll add it to my online DVD rental list - probably the least likely revenue source.

As for the cycle of violence... there is a cycle of violence. It's a unicycle. Guess who's riding it?