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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Laugh Track

As I was washing the psychotoddler tonight it occurred to me that she's gotten very giggly as of late. She's laughing a lot. She's always been a moody child (hence the blog), and she still has her moments, but on the whole she's been much happier. In retrospect, I think most of my kids have hit a certain euphoric stage a the age of 4 or 5. Maybe it corresponds to starting school and getting out of the house.

You know what I now wish I had done? I really wish that I had recorded all of their laughs at this age. I have six kids with six different laughs. There's one that starts with an audible gasp followed by an uncontrollable paroxysm of huhuhuhuhuh. And there was the one who starts with a low-pitched series of huhs that quickly crescendos into a high-pitched hah! And the one who laughs through her nose. Well, they still laugh in sorta the same way, but I think when people get older they learn to control their laughs more. But at 4 or 5 the laughs are unrestrained and much more contagious.

So I guess it's too late now. It would have been better if I had thought of this back when Fudge was small. I could say that about a lot of things I guess.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Your comment about "laughing through the nose" reminded me of a song in "Mary Poppins". I'm sick, I know. : )

cruisin-mom said...

P.T. What a sweet post.You must have video tape of those wonderful laughs...I miss that sound from my kids. Thanks for the reminder. (My Zada/grandfather had a laugh like that...I can still hear it in my head even though he died 35 years ago)

Kiwi the Geek said...

I'd love to record some of Sweetie's best phrases, but it's hard to get kids to do things like that on command. Fortunately, there are some things I don't think I can ever forget, and my blog will increase the number. The most wonderful, at the age of 3, was "Ah-dovey-oo!" for "I love you". Melts my heart to think of it.

Sweettooth120 said...

It's amazing that you remember each child's laugh. I guess if I think about it hard enough, I might be able to bring up. But you are so right about this age. Actually for me, it's 6. I love this age - it's so much fun. She is reading now, making jokes, impressions, having real conversations, it's just so wonderful, and yes, her laugh. Though I can't repeat it, she definitely has this laugh that I can't decide if she is making it up as part of her act, or if it's real. It's a riot either way.

Sweettooth120 said...

Kiwi, my favorite from my 3 1/2 son is his favorite saying to me...Mommy, You are beautiful (said with a big, heartmelting smile.)

He ie even saying that now to his sister (in between their catfights) and my daughter just beams with happiness (and then says thank you, I know, I am gorgeous, like mommy.) Boy do I have them train right! : )

Ezzie said...

PT, it may be too late for you, but thank you for the idea. For some of us, it will iyH pay dividends.

But if you really want a great laugh, go watch Monsters Inc. and listen to the little girl. :)

PsychoToddler said...

Ezzie, that is a great laugh. I think one of my kids was very similar.

Actually, I remember laughs because I used to be pretty good at imitating them.

I can do Fred, Barney, Betty (from the flintstones), Popeye (yes that's me on that Shlock Rock song, ferget which one), Elmer Fudd (also on a Shlock rock song--My Menorah I think) and a bunch of others. I used to do my kids but I think it irritates them.

fudge said...

it does.