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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What's on Your iPod...

...Nothing. I don't own an iPod. Now hold on, I have nothing against you young'uns and your 'newfangled' technology. Psychotoddler was once quite the 'early adopter.' But I just don't have the need for one. I know what you're saying:

"How the heck does he know what we're saying?"

"Quiet, that's not what he was going to say we were saying!"

"Well I bet he didn't know we were going to say

"Don't mind him, PT, go on and tell us what we were saying."

Er...well what I thought you would be saying is, "Come on, PT, you're a musician! How can you not have the latest, hottest music technology?"

Because personally, I think MP3s, while very convenient, are a step in the wrong direction as far as music goes. And I'm not talking about piracy. I'm talking about fidelity. MP3s just don't sound as good as CDs. They are getting better, to be sure, but if you listen to a WAV file of a song, and then go and listen to the MP3, you can hear an enormous difference. The MP3 is thin, distorted, full of drop-outs, and shallow. (No jokes about LA please). To me it's like a bad cassette dupe of a great vinyl album. And if you put all that effort, as a musician, into crafting a great sounding song, it's as shame to hear it squished down into an acoustic sardine can.

Which is not to say that I don't listen to MP3s anyway. I was ripping songs to MP3s from the very beginning. Mostly my own, of course. I found it to be the easiest way to post my band's music on the net. And over the years I've re-ripped songs as better compression engines have come out.

But I have no need for a personal MP3 player for one reason: I don't walk around listening to music on headphones. I listen almost exclusively in my car. And I don't have a radio in my car that can accept an auxiliary jack from an MP3 player. And even if I did, I don't think I want to carry one around with me, and I definitely don't want to leave it in my car.

So I'ma wait until a cheap radio with a built-in hard drive comes out, so I can just load my favorite songs into the car and leave them there. Maybe with 'wireless technology.' That would be cool. Y'know, to like, load my music from my home network to my car from the warmth of my own dungeon. Mmm...warm dungeon....

Well, until then, I'll settle with what I've got. Which is a car CD player that can play MP3 cds. I can fit about 200 songs on each disk, between 10-15 albums. I have one with the entire Led Zeppelin collection. Mmmm....Led Zeppelin... They have like, a jillion songs, and no two are alike. Not even the blues!

So, anyway, Ezzie, the fine product of Yeshiva Higher Education that he is, tagged me to the iPod meme. And I reminded him that I already did the "what's in my car CD" thing before people were tagging other people for memes. But those CDs all got stolen when my car was broken into. Hence the MP3 CD player. So here's a sampling of what I'm listening to now:

Franz Ferdinand: All for you Sophia
The Sparklifters
Matisyahu: Live at Stubb's
Pey Dalid
Rush: La Villa Strangiata
Steely Dan: Hey 19
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Universally Speaking,Parallel Universe
Foreigner: Dirty White Boy
The Cure: Lovecats
Piamenta Live: Od Yishama (awesome song)
Skier Songs: I made a disk with all my Kabblah, Tohu Vavohu, and Moshe Skier Band stuff, live stuff, studio, rehearsals, etc.
Squeeze: Cool for Cats
Garbage: Breaking up the Girl
Yes: Starship Trooper
Blondie: Heart of Glass
Wings: Uncle Albert
Elvis Costello: The Angels want to wear my Red Shoes
Pink Floyd: Money
Supertramp: The Logical Song


Ezzie said...

I'm going to take this opportunity to point out that I, too, do not own an IPod. I think that if I get an MP3 player, it should be simpler to get to the songs I want. I only got a DJ20 because I only had to pay $68 for it (including some useless accessories).

Smart to use MP3 CD's. MP3 CD's are what someone has of mine - over 20 of them! (27?) I just didn't think anyone would understand what I was talking about.

Now, on to your music... I'm surprised - most people I know who are into music have samplings from all eras, including more recent stuff. Good stuff, though (of the stuff I know).

Jack's Shack said...

I have been listening to Live at Stubbs all week. On a related note this article made me smile.

treppenwitz said...

iPods allow you to select how you want to record your cds, anywhere from mp3 to full CD quality. I agree that MP3 is a step in the wrong direction... but iTunes (the program you use to save and transfer music to the iPod) allows you to control the quality of the music. Just so you know... the closer you put the setting to CD quality, the fewer songs you can put on the iPod.

PsychoToddler said...

Ezzie: why does that surprise you? While many people can appreciate a broad range of music, most prefer a more narrow range. And people who tell you otherwise: "Oh, I listen to a melange of ecclectic styles, new world, reggae, country, opera, mongolian, and mid african clicks and squeeks" are just being pretentious.

I was hardwired to like a certain style of music when I was 17. Everything else is related to that.

Fudge will occasionally introduce me to new music, but if I like it, it's because it reminds me of music that I already like.

Franz Ferdinand I got from a video game (Burnout 3). That's where I hear most of my 'new' music these days. Radio stations just don't play good stuff anymore.

Jack: It's a live album that sounds better than most studio albums. I like reggae, but not that much. I can never listen to more than 4 or 5 tracks off of that without switching to something else. Hopefully his new stuff will have more variety.

Trep: Didn't know that. You'd need a huge hard drive to store a decent amount of albums at CD quality, like 65 Gb. But I'm sure that's just around the corner. MP3's are probably a detour towards mass storable CD quality music.

fudge said...

oh, and who got you the franz ferdinand cd, and who lent you her garbage cd...i believe the credit for hipness is mine

Ezzie said...

Oh, I do agree that most people's musical focus is more narrow. I've just noticed that the friends of mine who work in it seemed to be more broad in their tastes; I guess that's not always the case.

Interesting point, though, about what seems similar... Even though my own tastes are a bit eclectic, and span different genres (at least according to how whoever classifies these things), they're all somewhat similar in certain aspects, which is why I like them.

PsychoToddler said...

You can't really go by musicians, btw. Musicians have terrible taste in music. They bore easily. They appreciate music not so much for it's listenability, but for the skill it takes to play it.

Musicians have played me stuff that they think is absolutely brilliant, and to me sounds like elevator music with epilepsy.

I'm more interested in a song that I can hear going through my head, even after I turn off the radio. If it's something I want to think about during the day, it's a good song.

And, although you may think the songs I listed above are narrow, there is a tremendous scope to them. Compare the progressive rock of Starship Troopers to headbanging rock of Dirty White Boy.

Or the complexity of La Villa Strangiata with the silk smooth silence filled Hey 19.

There was a lot of creative rock being made when I was a kid.

Ezzie said...

You can't really go by musicians, btw. Musicians have terrible taste in music. They bore easily. They appreciate music not so much for it's listenability, but for the skill it takes to play it.

Interesting point. Perhaps that's why I haven't liked a lot of the stuff they found so good.

Musicians have played me stuff that they think is absolutely brilliant, and to me sounds like elevator music with epilepsy.

Heh. :)

Anne said...

Don't own an iPod. I already wander around the house in a fog, neglecting my kids. I can't imagine having something dangling from my ears that make it even more difficult to notice when the baby's screaming.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

You can't really go by musicians, btw. Musicians have terrible taste in music.

I understand your point but I still take offense at that accusation. How many musicians do you actually know? Now compare that to the amount of musicians that exist in the world. I think you sample size is too small to warrant that as a matter of fact.Hmph!

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Thanks for reminding me of Garbage!

I just went and bought/downloaded "When I Grow Up" from iTunes!

(the anti-bot verification word is 'zdkqwqvq'... either it's making fun of DiqduqGeeks, or it's trying to speak to me in Inuit...)

Ezzie said...

JBM - You DO know that he's a musician, right? And has played with a ton?

Phil said...

I thought I was the only one who made MP3 mix CDs... It's great to have one disc with all the Beatles songs, or Elvis Costello, or our favorite Christmas music. And it's so much cheaper than an iPod. PLUS, the MP3 CDs act like a "back-up" of our music since once I ripped my 1000+ CD collection to the hard drive (80GB of music files) I then sold all my CDs on eBay to put a down payment on a new house.

parcequilfaut said...

You know, I still qualify as a youngun, and not only do I not have an iPod...my car stereo is a factory box with no tape player/CD player/8 track.

So I just listen to the radio until I get home. Curious, no?