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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm Reclaiming that Quote

It's interesting that despite having a fairly open-ended blog, I often end up getting into long personal back-and-forth email sessions with other bloggers about the subjects of posts or comments I leave.

And is often the case, these interesting emails lead to a crystalization of the idea that I may have crudely described in my original post. So too is a recent correspondence between myself and Toronto Pearl regarding my California trip. It's only fair that she be involved in this mess, because I now think that it was her trip to LA earlier this year that planted the seed for my upcoming adventure.

So my reasoning led me here.

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torontopearl said...

And if you step back to my pre-trip post, this is what I had to say then:

"I am greatly anticipating this journey of mine. I have not traveled on my own for MANY MANY MANY years, and the last time being from Toronto to NYC. It is a journey, because I'm going into territory, which for me, is uncharted. But thanks to the world of blogging that I've partaken in for the past six months, I will arrive into this unfamiliar territory and will be warmly met and greeted by fellow bloggers.

I reiterate that the blogging world is expansive, yet it bridges many distances, narrows the margins and geographical spaces so that I can say, "You live there and you write to us here" not that "You live WA..Y....Y....Y over there and I live WA....Y....Y....Y....over here."

It's so nice, PT, that the physical distance between you and the other good doctor, will be bridged this week!