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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beware the Thought Police

Marquette suspends dental student for blog comments

Take home message: Don't blog about work or school.


Essie said...

You would think that would be common sense, huh?

Mirty said...

I kind of just did today, but not in a derogatory way.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

well if you are anon you can say and do whatever you like:)

Ezzie said...

I'm not anon, and I try to use my own common sense... It's actually another reason NOT to be anonymous: It keeps you from gossip/lashon hara et al, knowing that anyone can read it at anytime.

OTOH... I don't see why the guy's journal should affect his standing in the school. We've all had teachers we don't like - does that constitute violations of proper conduct? I'm not sure. I could argue both sides of this, but I didn't see anything constituting harrassment/threats from what they quoted.

Wickwire said...

RATS! I should have stayed anon.

Gavriel said...

As a private university they have the right to punish students for blogging. They have every right to make themselves look very very unappealing to the vast majority of young, tech-savvie prospective students. Wise move Marquette. The guy needs a campaign of young high-school seniors and prospective grad-students announcing they would not attend, nor pay tuition to, such a university.

PsychoToddler said...

essie: not common sense at all. remember my "what goes on in the blogosphere.." post? Most people feel invincible on their own blogs.

Mirty: In this climate, I don't think it matters if your positive or negative.

Ezzie: Agree with you on the Loshon Hora. I've often said that anonymity on the internet breeds nothing but nastiness.

Wickwire: You mean to say that your name is actually Wickwire??

Gavriel: There's something to that effect in the article. He's become a hero at Marquette.