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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Even More Conversations With the Criminally Insane

The PT: Abba, look at the trees! The leaves are all yellow!

Abba: That's right, because what season is it?

The PT: I don't know.

The PT: Just Kidding!

Abba: ...so what season is it?

The PT: I forgot.


Haircut Lady: You have a lot of brothers and sisters! It must be very busy at your house.

The PT: Yeah...

Haircut Lady: So do you help out and do any chores?

The PT: No! I just watch TV all day.


The PT: Mommy.

Mrs. B: What.

The PT: I'm hungry again.

Mrs. B: How 'bout a banana.

The PT: How 'bout Pringles.

Mrs. B: How 'bout a banana.


The PT: Mommy.

Mrs. B: What.

The PT: I finished the banana.

Mrs. B: You only ate half.

The PT: But I'm full of it. I'm going to frow it out.

Abba: Why don't you put it on the table, for when you get hungry again.

The PT: BUT I'M FULL!! I'm putting it in the garbage.


The PT: Mommy.

Mrs. B: What.

The PT: I'm hungry again.


torontopearl said...

Mark, this is the stuff that hearty laughter is made of!

Ezzie said...

You need to post more often. We all need laughs like this on a regular basis.

Doctor Bean said...

Did she frow out the banana in the toilet? There's a song in that somewhere...

Kiwi the Geek said...

I think The PT and Sweetie need to get together. Gotta post more of her quotations.

Wasting food is the cardinal sin around our house. Right up there with lying. Most things we can save for later, but if Sweetie wants milk on her cereal, then gets "full" (bored) I refuse to give her any attention until she finishes.

In other news, I'm having trouble with technicalities on the blog I just started. If anybody would like to help out just a bit, I'd appreciate it. Email me, and TIA.

Stacey said...

Oy, such a cutie!!!

MC Aryeh said...

I was so sure she was going to get the Pringles!

Anne said...

Very cute. I'm amazed you can resolve these things without a tantrum.

Me, I throw them all the time ...

Jack's Shack said...

Always good for a smile.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Wow, kids say the darndest things! Someone should record the PT and many other children saying crazy stuff, and make a TV show about it and....

Essie said...

The PT is funnier than TV...you can't make this stuff up! LOL

Kiwi the Geek said...

Sigh. My email filter goofed. If anybody emailed me to help last night, please send again. Thanks.

Soccer Dad said...

Conversation with my 4 yo this morning (over our failure to get her a princess costume):
she: Are you going to buy me something while I'm in school?

Ralphie said...

I have a four year old, too. Also psychotic.

She: (Obviously and irrefutable addressing me) Stupidhead.
Me: Excuse me?
She: I was talking to the floor.
Me: You can play computer for five more minutes.
She: How about 10?
Me: How about zero?
She (totally oblivious to veiled threat): How about 10?
Me: Do you know how cute you are?
She: Yes.
She (after witnessing the neighbors' two young boys beating the hell out of each other): Boys are fighty.
(Okay, that's not such an insane statement)

PsychoToddler said...

4 year olds are such fun. This is my sixth.

Essie said...

You're oldest is really funny, too. I can't comment on her blog because I don't have an account, but that taxi story is a riot!