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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Definition of Insanity

You'd think I would have learned.

When the lunch from the Jewish Home came today, the dessert looked a little familiar. It had that "not so fresh" look. And it smelled a little...stale. Like maybe it had been in a closet for a week. Or more. Or possibly sitting on a counter.

Funny, but it looked very similar about a week before, when its sister slice arrived at my office with a different lunch. At that time it also had that "shoebox" smell to it. Didn't taste too good, either. But I ate the whole thing.

These thoughts ran through my mind as I went back and forth over whether I should try the current slice of apple pie. In the end, the Y chromosome took over for better judgement and I took a bite. Yup, same pie as as last week. You can tell when you're eating something rancid because at the same time that you're putting it in your mouth, you can feel fumes come out through your nose.

Would you believe I actually took a second bite? I thought to myself, "Man, that was baaaad. Maybe I didn't taste it right. It doesn't look as bad as it tasted. Let me try again."

Don't worry. I didn't eat anymore. I'm not crazy.


Jack's Shack said...


30cal said...

don't worry everyone, he's not crazy. I'll bet you all thought he was crazy!

Doctor Bean said...

Shocking Shigella, Batman! That really makes my colon quiver. I hope you don't spend tonight Calling Ralph On The Big White Phone.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Um... do us all a favor and post something tomorrow so we know you're OK.

Stacey said...

"Would you believe I actually took a second bite?"

Oh dude, tell me you're kidding. Please. I am LMAO. I can't believe you took another bite.

P.S. I had Shigella last summer from eggs I'd eaten at a dive near my office. Blech, I was sooooooo sick.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Shomo HaMelech has an image of a dog returning to eat it's vomit (the spoiled food that made it throw up, which is now in vomit form). that image came to mind as I read this post. Loved the picture.

PsychoToddler said...

I brought that pie all the way home just so that I could photograph it and throw it away.

Mel Balsamo said...

Hahaha! You know sometimes when a food with a very nice presentation is right in front of your face, you'd really really want to taste it. You think you would finish it all. There's a term for this, I just can't remember. But then when you've tasted it, totally sucks! Yeah but you thinking maybe you just didn't taste it right and will, apparently, taste it again. And bam! The next place we'd found you is right inside the toilet cubicle taking it all out of you!

Mel Balsamo