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Monday, August 08, 2005


I had an interesting visit with one of my patients this morning. He's a sweet fellow that I've known for a few years, a Roman Catholic Priest who serves one of the poorest Hispanic Parishes in the city. After discussing some of his medical issues, we got into our usual discussion of theology, politics and other banalities.

We ended up discussing terrorism after a while. He mentioned being in London a week before the subway (underground) that he had used was bombed. I told him about my almost visit to the World Trade Center 1 week before it was destroyed.

We talked about the problem Muslims have had with their fostering of the terrorist culture. How they have tolerated and even encouraged the jihad mentality and how now we have a whole generation of Muslims who have been born and raised with the notion that terrorism is a legitimate way to effect change.

One difference, I opined, between them and us, is that we actually like this world. Jews, I told him, believe that the world is a gift that Gd gave to us, and that our job is to make it a better place (never mind the jihadist Jews who hate the world and think only of Olam Haba). If you hate life, hate this world, and can't wait to get to the next world, how big of a leap is it to decide that maybe it would be better to take some infidels with you when you go?

So, the Priest is working on improving his little corner of the world, and I'm working on mine.

Now, if only we'd had a gorilla in the examining room with us, I could have ended this piece with a good joke.


Doctor Bean said...

One of my nicest patients was a Catholic priest. He knew I was a religious Jew, and he would always give me a warm smile and say "Your G-d has been kind to me!" Even when he was dying of prostate cancer. I hadn't thought of him for a couple of years. Thanks for reminding me.

parcequilfaut said...

The "the next world at the expense of this" is a hallmark of militants cross-culturally. It ain't just the Muslims, my folks (Christian and otherwise) sometimes show that attitude, i.e. "Won't it be great in the next life when we don't have to put up with (insert group here)?"

That's not where I live at, and I'm glad.

Wickwire said...

We all gotta share this big spinning rock. ;)

parcequilfaut said...

Ain't that just it, WW?