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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Psychotoddler in a Nutshell

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Form by Son2


Mirty said...

please explain! please explain!

PsychoToddler said...

This form is pretty much the essence of the Psychotoddler. She ritualizes everything. She has a litany for going to the bathroom. She asks the same 4 questions every single time. If she misses one question, she'll come out of the bathroom to ask it. Even if she's already done. If you fail to give the appropriate response in the allotted period of time, she goes nuclear. At that point, all I can do is shake my head and say, "Psycho toddler!"

My son has been home with her most of the week, so I guess he's gotten familiar enough with the questions that he decided to make a form out of them and stick them on the bathroom door.

As to what the questions actually mean, I'll see if Perel or my wife can explain them.

I'll start off:

One of us will observe the "potty dance". We'll say to the PT:

"I think you need to go to the Potty."

"No I don't. (continues dancing)"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes (grabbing crotch and continuing to dance)."

"You really look like you need to go to the potty."

"No I don't. I mean I do. HURRY HURRY I NEED TO GO TO THE POTTY!!"

"Quick Go to the Bathroom!!"

Runs to the downstairs bathroom.

Mrs. Balabusta said...

1. Sometimes I mean to use the upstairs bathroom because someone is in the downstairs bathroom. Of course, by the time she asks this she is already at the door, so the question is, as usual, pointless.
2. When there are others in the house, you must close the door, otherwise it is optional, see #4.
3. The song is to the tune of "The farmer in the Dell" and the words are "I'm going by myself, I'm going by myself, hi ho the dairy-o I'm going by myself. This was a step up from the former ritual which involved a designated escort.
4. How the hell should I know if she wants to close the door or not. Usually I say yes and she says okay.

Mirty said...

Oh, the things I missed, coming into my stepkids lives when they were already well able to handle potty matters on their own!

Safranit said...

Wow too bad our toddlers didn't chat when they met. They have similar rituals.

I didn't know the bathroom dance was a well known thing. She will sit there bouncing until the third or fourth time you ask if she has to go potty.

One question we got (that has somewhat subsided) is "Is it Shabbat?" (a TP related question)

Kiwi the Geek said...

I'm falling off the couch laughing!!! When I entered my step-daughter's life, she should have been starting potty-training, but her idiot mother did not, apparently, care that she had chronic diaper rash and was afraid to have excrement wiped off her. But she loved to watch me eliminate, had to accompany me on *every* bathroom visit. She wasn't finally trained until well past four years old. Now she's six and while pulling her butt apart, demands that I make sure all the poopy is wiped off. We have wet wipes for a reason! I ask her if she's going to ask her teacher at school to check this.

Sweetie-pie has a similar habit of asking silly questions, but there's no script. She often asks me the same question 5 times in 5 minutes, and since I'm preoccupied with driving the car or making Daddy's coffee, I eventually give an unintended answer, and she calls me on it. Then I tell her it's her fault I get so confused, because she's asking me silly questions. She likes doing things that don't make any sense, even for a 6yo, and then acting surprised or confused when I teasingly tell her the right way to do things. Maybe I should start a blog just about her...

What does toilet paper have to do with Shabbat?

PsychoToddler said...

"She often asks me the same question 5 times in 5 minutes"

When you're young, it's cute. When you're old, it's dementia.

There is a rule on Shabbos that you aren't supposed to tear paper (or other things). You are not allowed to cut something to a specific size. The laws of work on Shabbos are complex and often unituitive. But TP falls into this category, unless you have nothing else to use, and then there's an exception for preservation of dignity.

Those wacky jews!