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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Powers of Observation

Mark: (finishing up dinner) Hey, we got the kitchen chairs back!

Mrs B: What's the official time on that?

Perel: 1 hour.

Son2: Not bad, took us about 3 hours to notice.


fudge said...

this moment of irrationality brought to you by the pt:

pt: Perel, help me uppppp...

me: yonina. you've been crying for 45 minutes. i already helped you up and you decided to fall down again because you 'feeled like it.' your lunch is sitting on the table, and you are less than a foot away. GET UP YOURSELF.

yonina: HELP ME UP!

perel: no. i'm going upstairs now.


yonina: HELP ME UP!

perel: you followed me all the way upstairs?

yonina: NO! I CRAWLED!

perel: so you're telling me you can go all the way upstairs but you can't walk one foot?

yonina: HELP ME UP! or maybe you could just drag me by my legs or something!

perel: no. listen, when you get up, like a big kid, and walk into the kitchen, then i'll help you up.

yonina: but- that doesn't make any sense, for you to pick me up when i'm already in the kitchen!

perel: it doesn't make any sense for me to pick you up when you can walk!


yonina: well, maybe you should just tell my brain to lift up my ear.

me: what?

yonina: tell my brain to lift up my ear!

me: ok. yonina's brain, lift up your ear.

yonina: oh, it didn't work! (suspiciously) hey, what are you typing?

me: i'm telling abba what you're doing.

yonina: well why dont you just call him up or something? is he home?

me: he's at work. i don't know his number.

yonina: (sigh) well, when he comes home i'll just tell him to get his number or something and then you can call him. that's a great idea. but first, you need to help me up.

PsychoToddler said...

Forget Abbott and Costello! Maybe I can get you two booked into Vegas!

fudge said...

oh, it gets better. mom just came home and said she wants to take a job, so she wants me to babysit from 8:30-4:30 everyday.

when does my plane leave?

PsychoToddler said...

Just so you know that every penny your mom makes on this new job is going to pay your tuition.

Anonymous said...

you should have heard her trying to convince me to let her have the garden hose.


entertainment in the midwest

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Just so you know that every penny your mom makes on this new job is going to pay your tuition.

Love the guilt, Doc.
Love the guilt.


Essie said...

your family provides great entertainment!