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Friday, June 17, 2005

Dual Identities

I'm having a real problem keeping people's Blogger/real-life identities straight. I've noticed this in correspondence recently with fellow Bloggers whose real names are known to me. It's also come up in face-to-face conversations I've had with people that I more often converse with through blogs. Like I keep referring to Ralph as Fishface even though I know his name is actually Ralph. In front of his wife.

I wonder if this is what it's like when Superheroes meet in real life? Like maybe if Superman and Batman get together for coffee:

Batman: Yeah, so he wanted like $300 to come in and spray the Batcave, but I guess, who else am I going to call?

Superman: That's the problem with having a super-secret lair, I guess. Me, all I have is the shirt on my back. Say, how's Robin doing in school?

Batman: Who?

Superman: Robin. Your youthful ward?

Batman: You mean Dick.

Superman: Dick?

Batman: Yeah, Dick. Dick Grayson. He's my ward. He doesn't go by 'Robin' in real life.

Superman: Oh, yeah, I knew that. Dang. I keep mixing them up. Sorry Bat- er, Bruce. Don't want to blow your cover.

Batman: Yeah, well Alfred's cool with it, but I'm pretty sure Aunt Harriet's clueless. So I heard Lex Luthor is still pissed at you.

Superman: I thought we weren't going to discuss the crimefighting stuff in public.

Batman: No? But, I mean, what else do we do that's worth talking about?

Superman: Ask me about my reporting or something. How's work going at Wayne industries?

Batman: BOHR-RING! Look, I'm not sure why we even bother getting together if we're not going to talk about stuff we both like.

Superman: You know, you're just like Lois! You want to reduce me to some kind of 2-dimensional cartoon character. Lois is all "Take off the glasses, Clark. Fly through the window Clark. What color is my underwear, Clark!" Well, I'm more than just a strange visitor from another planet with powers far beyond that of mortal men! I have a serious journalistic career!

Batman: Well, I'm sorry if it embarrasses you to talk about our hobbies in public! Why don't you go hang out with Wonder Woman! She wears "glasses" for a disguise too!


Batman: So...same time next week?

Superman: Sure.


Mirty said...

Lately, my husband and I have started calling each other "Ted" and "Mirty" - our blog names (not our real names). We kind of like them.

Doctor Bean said...

The really weird thing is that my wife and I have started calling each other "Ted" and "Mirty" too.

Doctor Bean said...

I call her "Ted".

Irina Tsukerman said...

Well, I go by my real name on my blog... but you can always call me "Irina the Ignoble" or "That ignoble experiment... what's in a name!"

Safranit said...

So when I see you do I call you by your musician name or your doctor name :)

Chaim said...

I love your conversation exchanges. I have one question, when they met were they in costume or in thier superhero outfits? cause people might have overheard them :-D

treppenwitz said...

Last year when we had the big blogger bash here in Israel, most of us were going around introducing ourselves as, "Hi, I'm David [noticing blank stare]... um, I mean I'm treppenwitz."

Right there is where I started thanking my lucky stars that I hadn't chosen a name like, uh, phsycho.... er, well you know what I mean. Right? :-)

Karl said...

I have had this thought as well recently; do you discuss your alter-personality when meeting in real life, or the real you & the stuff that is not blogged about. I guess it also depends on how different the two are.

PsychoToddler said...

Safranit: I prefer to be referred to as Sugarface.

Dr. Bean: That's funny, I've been calling your wife Ted also.

Irina: There are some advantages to foregoing the alias.

Life of Chaim: I envision them in their street clothes. I'm sure they really want to talk about their secret lives, but it makes them feel like losers.

Trep: I've known you as David a lot longer than as Trep, so I wouldn't have a problem addressing you, but Velvel, for example...I've known him a little longer by his real name, but virtually all my interchanges with him have been through the blog, so in person, i really have to fight the urge to call him Velvel. I'm sure his wife finds that entertaining.

PsychoToddler said...

Karl: That remains to be seen. I'm going to be meeting with a few bloggers on this upcoming cross-country trip. I predict we will introduce ourselves, and our families, and then stare at each other and have absolutely nothing to say. Or we'll start doing meaningless small talk. I presume this will occur because we don't want to make the non-bloggers around us feel uncomfortable. Or because it will be so lame to talk about internet posts in real life.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

This makes me want to meet more Bloggers in person... i've only met one who i knew at the time, and one who i found out was a blogger long afterwards.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

What's with me and not remembering to write everything i mean to at once?

Anyway, i've worried about what to talk about if i ever got a chance to meet other bloggers. I mean, what could i say to Hirhurim? "Hi Rav Student, you're really smart, can you teach me stuff?"?

Meeting the author of this blog would be even wierder... like, should i ask if i could be your band's groupie, or if you could check out this nasty rash i got...?


PsychoToddler said...

It's too bad you won't be around. We're driving right by your neck of the woods, Steg.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Well, if you can hang around NYC until July 5th...

torontopearl said...

When I was just in L.A. this past weekend, I had to consciously think of what Dr. Bean's real name is; I kept wanting to address him as Dr. Bean and his wife as ball-and-chain.

When I was introduced to blogger/screenwriter/publisher Robert Avrech's family, I was greeted with: "Oh...so YOU'RE TorontoPearl!!" Everyone seemed to know me from my comments.

Are we bloggers celebrities in Blogville, or just in our own minds?