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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Star Wars Criticism

The internet is plastered with opinions on Star Wars one way or the other. Often I see negative criticism rebutted with something along the lines of: "You have no right to criticize George Lucas. It's his movie and he can make it any way he pleases. If you don't like it, don't see it."

I'm sorry, but I think I DO have a right to criticize Star Wars. By my accounting, I own quite a bit of the franchise. Between movie tickets to all of the movies, including I believe 12 showings in 1977-78, and the RE-releases in the late nineties; VHS tapes (two or three times); DVDs; Books; Comic Books; Roleplaying games; Computer games; Video games; action figures (old Kenner AND new Kenner); Models; Games (Star Wars Monopoly anyone? First Trilogy or Second?); Breakfast cereals; Trading cards (all the series); Toy lightsabers, and various things broken by toy lightsabers; and many many many other Star Wars related tchochkes, I have invested THOUSANDS of dollars into George Lucas' pockets. The equivalent of a small car, maybe.

If I had just purchased a small car, and found it to be a lemon, I think I'd be within my rights to complain. Of course, I will withhold judgment on the series as a whole until I see the final (middle) episode. I hope I made a wise investment.

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