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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Great Listener

Truly one of the most interesting and insightful people I have come across in the blogosphere, Shira dedicated her 103rd post to a critique of my music! This is quite a refreshing change from the usual reviews I receive which are generally along the lines of "You rock!" or "You suck!" or "You're too LOUD!!!!"

She has a discriminating ear (hopefully still intact despite listening to about 50 of my songs). Reminds me of why I like to perform--because there may actually be some people who like what I do! And you can tell she's obviously well-versed in the construction of music and deconstruction of bands. Musicians often forget that there is a second half to the performer--the listener.

It also reminds me of what I love about the blogosphere. Without it I would never have come into contact with the likes of Shira, and most likely my music would be sitting in boxes in my basement. It's interesting that, although I've been playing in bands for more than 20 years, this email exchange with Shira has been one of the first serious discussions of my music that I've ever had.

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PsychoToddler said...

Wow, look what I missed while helping the hubby haul our young man, and most of his possessions, home from college! (Needless to say, our apartment currently bears a rather distressing resemblance to a warehouse.) Now that I've finally "dug out from under" enough to have a clear space on the diningroom table at which to eat, I'm back to making a blogger's version of "rounds."

After, a couple of, shall we say, "interesting" weeks at the office, it's nice to know that *someone* thinks I'm "interesting and insightful."

It's also nice to know that I haven't lost my "discriminating ear" since my days as an alto in my former synagogue's choir. Boy, was I surprised when I realized, after about a week of singing harmony to Elokai Netzor, that there *isn't* a vocal harmony to "P'tach libi b'toratecha, u-v'mitzvotecha tirdof nafshi!" The song is so darn well arranged that it *sounds* as if there is one! So I practically glued my ear to the speaker to try to figure out where I was pickin' it up. Turns out there's some instrument that I can't even identify (organ, syntheziser?) *way* in the background that's handing me my harmony line. By George, the old lady still has the musical touch.

You and your band(s) of merry musicians/music arrangers really do know how to put a piece of music together. I'm having a grand old time singing harmony while bopping along to the bass beat.
Shira Salamone | Homepage | 05.25.05 - 10:20 pm | #