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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Clip Show

I think I need to do a clip show. Because I've noticed that there are some new readers here who probably have not seen my better side and may want some direction when wading through all the crap that I've written over the past 6 months since my last clip show (see psychotoddler 101). Not that this is the clip show. This is just me saying that I should probably do one. I mean, this isn't even a post that says I will do one, just a post that asks maybe I should do one. Well, not really asking. It's more of a rhetorical statement. So...basically I haven't said anything at all with this post. So, really, there's no good reason for you to read it, because so far there hasn't been anything of even remotely redeeming value here. I guess you're probably kicking yourself for having read this far. When you could have been doing something more productive, like, I don't know, picking lint out of your belly button. Although maybe you can do that while you read this. All I can say is, if you want consistently good material, you really are in the wrong place here.

I see you're still reading this. Well, there's no accounting for taste. Let's see, I should probably come up with something to say here...I was on call this weekend. That sucked big time. What else? My neices and nephews from Florida (is it Flah-rida or Flore-ida?) were here and they're pretty cute and tan. And it's good to see that Chofetz Chaim was unsucessful in purging the Star Wars trait from my brother-in-law, so there's hope for my boys after all. Oh, and for all of you who were afraid my previous post would attract all kinds of weirdos to the site, I'm happy to report that according to Sitemeter.com, I'm not being visited by any more perverts than usual. The vast majority of Google searches that bring new people here are related to MatisNOSPAMyahu and "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Actually, I find that disturbing.


I think I need to do a clip show.

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