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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Can You Hear the Bass?

In response to a request to hear the new bass, I'm posting Jonah and the Whale. This is a Moshe Skier Band cover of a Shlock Rock parody of a Brian Setzer cover of some other song. I think. Anyway, I recorded it as part of the rehearsal on 3/20/05, but I flubbed a couple of notes on the bass on the original take, so I took this opportunity to go back and rerecord the bass line, but with the new P-Bass.

Question is, can you tell which is the bass?

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PsychoToddler said...

With regards to your question "Which is the bass? The answer is the one covering the lowest octave in the recordings. In response to which bass is being played? I couldn't tell because I couldn't compare it to the original song. In either case it's nice bass playing - and nice vocal harmonies during the last third of the song (really tight - overdubs or real time?). I'll guess that its the Precision being played, because if I had a new bass I'd try it right away on a recording to see if its as good as the "old" one. Plus, I wouldn't be raving about it if it sucked on a recording.
avi teitz | 05.30.05 - 12:03 am | #


I'd post the original version with the old bass (actually, the new bass is 12 years older) but I overwrote that one. But you can hear the original bass on the bootleg page at mosheskier.com

Everything is live on this recording except the bass. This was recorded at a rehearsal.

My question is for the non-musicians out there. You'd be surprised how many people will come up to me at a gig and tell me they enjoy my playing, but have absolutely no idea which instrument is mine.

The Rebbe once came up to me during a simchas bais hashoava and stared at me while I played. He still couldn't figure it out. So I stopped playing for a few measures. Instantly everyone in the room was looking at me.

Bass is one of those instruments that sometimes isn't appreciated until it's gone.
psychotoddler | Homepage | 05.30.05 - 9:17 am | #


Can definitely hear the bass. Sounds good. Love the song, too.
Stacey | Homepage | 06.01.05 - 10:49 am | #