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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Autoimmune Judaism

Hocker, Brainiac, and all-around good-guy Dilbert has a fascinating series of posts over at House of Hock on the current battles going on within Orthodox Judaism, and how this syndrome may have been unleashed as a response to the Reform Movement 150 years ago.

Read Parts 1 2 3

1 comment:

kaspit said...

I like the autoimmune analogy except for one important problem: it reveals a bias in what is (in effect) a sociological analysis. You seem to assume that the Body was Orthodox and it gets hit by the shock of Reform. But (1) the dynamic tension of orthodox and reform tendencies goes way back historically and (2) the two crystallizations of these into Orthodoxy and Reform, institutionally or as cohesive social groups, is more concurrent (co-extensive?) than implied by your analogy. If there was a pre-conflict Body, it is revisionist to label it with a post-conflict term.
Do you see what I mean?
Thanks. Kol tuv,